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R Krishna, Secunderabad

July 2,1978, Organiser Weekly

I read with interest the review of the book

Dravid Maharashtra in the Organiser on June 11.

Having lived all my life in Madras and noted the amazing development there of theories about language and race I should like to draw attention to some interesting things myself! I am not ashamed of referring to mythology since that is what most people do anyway.

1.Dravida was one of Sri Krishna’s sons. Please refer to Monier William’s dictionary. 2.Dramila was the name of a Danava father of Kamsa. Kamsa himself

My comments

I have already written umpteen articles on this issue

1.I have shown 56 countries of Puranic India lists Tamil countries away from Dravida country (See Tamil Encyclopaedia of Singaravelau Mudaliyar , year 1899 (Abhidana Chinatamani)

2.Ihave shown the meaning of Panch Dravida (  5 types of Brahmins).

3.I have also shown Dravid is a suffix for Brahmins such as Cricketeer Dravid; it meant a Brahmin from South India

4. Names like Dravidacharya, Dravida Vedam all belong to Brahmins or devotional literature.

5.There is one Dravida Queen in 1300 BCE. But there the word Dravida is of doubtful origin.

6.But Puranas clearly say that the First Avatara Matya (Fish) is from South India.

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