Tamil Hindus were ahead of Darwin! (Post No.9464)


Post No. 9464

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Letters to the Editor published in ‘Indian Express’ on 2-5-1984.


In the editorial In this day and age of April 21, you have stated that No major religion advocates anything similar to the Darwinian Theory.

Perhaps you are not aware that many centuries before Charles Darwin, the Theory of Evolution was expounded in a more subtler form, by the Tamil saint Manikkavasagar

Hailed as one of the greatest figures in Saiva hagiology, Saint Manikkavasagar is believed to have lived between the fifth and sixth century AD. In his immortal work Tiruvachakam, while singing hymns in praise of Lord Siva ,he says,

Oh Lord! I have undergone all births as a stone,grass,vegetables,worm,tree, animal,bird,reptile,man,ghost,demon,asura,sage,deva and rest of the organic and inorganic forms of life left unsaid (Siva Puranas lines 26-31)

It may be argued that the Saint had not stated the Theory in an orderly manner. The order of the evolution had to be changed because the theory was said in a poetic form.

Rev. G U. Pope, who came to India and learnt Tamil in order to propagate Christianity had to abandon his idea on account of Tiruvachakam s influence over him. Needless to say, that he held the Saint in high esteem.

It is unfortunate that you failed to take cognisance of this native intelligence.

S .Venkatesan

Thendral Street,Solai Nagar

Pondicherry -3


My comment

Early writers on the same issue have compared Dasavatara with the Theory of Evolution. It fits more beautifully fits with the Theory of Evolution.

Matsayavavatar- Fish life appeared first in ocean.

Kurma avatara – development of amphibians/ Turtle avatar

Varaha Avatar- boar; land animal

Narasimha avatar – animal – man or man- animal with lion face

Vamana Trivikrama Avatara– Man short and man grown up

Rama/ Parasurama- use of arrows and iron implements

Krishna avatara – highly developed politics, army formation, warfare ; his brother Balarama hated war and went round India spreading agriculture with a plough on his shoulder.

Buddha Avatar- Spreading peace and meditation across globe.

The last Avatar Kalki will happen anytime. He will be carrying ultra modern weapons like missiles.


Hindus were Spinoists 2000 years before Spinosa, Darwinians many centuries before Darwin and evolutionists before the doctrine of evolution was accepted by the scientists of our times—Sir Monier Williams


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