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Post No. 9602

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Shiva is one of the three important Gods in Hinduism.

Along with Brahma and Vishnu he blesses his devotees.

Shiva’s wife is Parvati and his two sons are Ganesh/ Pillayar and Skanda/Murugan.

Shiva rides on a bull known as Rishaba. His temples are all over India. 12 are important of them.

Shiva can be easily identified by children. He is seen with the bull Rishabha. On his head we have river Ganga, a crescent moon over his matted lock. He holds a trident called Trisula. On his neck we see a snake.

Shiva means ‘Good, Auspicious’. He mainly appears in Linga form in famous temples. Linga is formless , that is god can appear as the devotee wishes in a figure or without a form. It is more or less round in shape. Shiva has no beginning , middle or end.

There is a very interesting story. Once Brahma and Vishnu went to see the top and bottom of this formless Shiva. They could not find, but on his way Brahma saw a Pandanus flower that fell from the head of Shiva. Then Brahma lied to everyone that he saw Shiva’s head. Because of this lie, no body worships Brahma in temple as a main god. They don’t use that particular Pandanus flower for puja.

Another interesting thing about Lord Shiva is he has an eye on his forehead. This is called Third Eye. In the second level I will explain Shiva’s Third Eye  (Wisdom Eye) and his other symbols.

The most attractive form of Shiva is his dancing form called Nataraja. Though Shiva is in charge of destruction at the end of the world, he is the one who runs the world.

Nataraja means he is ever moving never stopping. When you study science, you will understand it better. The world is ever changing, vibrating. Our earth, sun, all the stars, moon and the smallest atom every thing is moving, vibrating, changing. Nataraja’s dance shows this.

Scientists wondered at Hindu wisdom and installed Nataraja statue in Switzerland’s famous science building.

So remember Linga, Nataraja and Three Eyed Shiva (Trayambaka) on a Rishabha.

When we do some mischief our father or teacher becomes angry and corrects us. In the same way Shiva also takes a form called Rudra. It is to destroy bad people and kill bad thoughts in us.

There is a remarkably interesting story about Shiva. His nick name is blue throated god. In Sanskrit Neela Kanta. When Devas that is the good people, and Asuras, that is the bad people, churned the Milky Ocean, terrible poison came out before the good Amrita came. Every one got scared when they saw poison. But Shiva came forward to help both the  Devas and Asuras. He swallowed the poison. But his wife was afraid and stopped the poison going into his stomach. When the poison stopped in his neck, it became blue. So he is called blue throated god, Neelakanta.

I will tell you two more stories and stop.

Shivas main mantra or chant is ‘OM NAMA SIVAYA’

Nama Sivaya has five letters and so it is called five letter chant. In Sanskrit Pancha+Akshara. With this mantra, a miracle boy saint known as Sambandar did lot of miracles. He cured the disease of a king in Pandya country. He used Shiva’s holy ash Vibhuti to do his miracles. It is a white powder made from ash of cow dung. Every shiva worshipper wears it on his fore ead every day. So you can easily find who worships Lord Shiva with this holy powder, Vibhuti. In every temple of shiva you will get this. You must use your right hand and get it with respect and wear it on your forehead. It has miraculous powers.

The last story about Shiva is that he is the easiest God any one can see. And he becomes happy very quickly and gives you whatever you ask for. One bad man, that is an Asura, had evil thoughts. He prayed for long and got a boon from Shiva. Boon means a Varam, a promise that would become true.

This bad guy asked shiva,

‘Give me a boon by which I can burn any one turn him into ash when I touch his or her head’. Shiva is Asutosh, which means easily pleased. He said, ‘granted’. Go and touch any one’s head . That person would become ash, said Lord Shiva.

That bad guy said,

Hi! Mr Shiva! I am going to test it on you. In Hinduism Truth is god. Any promise, boon, given means you can’t change it. So Shiva had to run. Immediately other gods came to his help. Vishnu came in the form of a beautiful girl and danced in front of the bad Asura. He also danced following Vishnu dressed as Mohini.

When Mohini touched her head and asked him to do it, he, forgetting his boon, put his hand on his head. He became ash and he was called Ash Asura, in Sanskrit Pasma sura. So we should never try to get anything bad. If we get bad thoughts or bad things that will harm us.

Maha Shivaratri is the most important festival for the devotees of Shiva and Bilva (Vilvam in Tamil)  leaves are his favourite leaves.

Some devotees wear garland made up of Rudraksha seeds.

Say ‘Om Nama Sivaya’ every day with Vibhuti on your forehead. You will be very successful.


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