Similes in Tamil Poet Tayumanavar Songs-2 (Post No.9639)


Post No. 9639

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Part 1 was posted da before yesterday. This is part 2.


Indian gooseberry also known as  NELLIK KAAY in Tamil

To the saint divine knowledge is clear and transparent and he possess God as clearly as the hand holds in its hollow the nelly fruit.

This is a popular idiom and phrase in Tamil used by many poets.

The English equivalent is crystal clear.

Tayumanavar used it in verses 105,106,138,139,643,

This is common siddanta figure expressing assurance of relationship to God.

Also found in Tiruvachakam 3-112; 27-15;

Sundara Murty Tevaram and Gnanakummi stanza 134



As the nightingale longs for moon light so the soul longs for God.



As oil in seed so is God’s indwelling in the soul and in immanence .



The joy of soul at the sight of God is as that of the peacock at sight of the Sun.

Others used to say peacock dances when it hears the thunder cloud.



The mystic speaks of god as a Pearl, an unpierced Pearl.



God in his gracious ness is as the abundant rain.



It is easier to count the sand of the sea than to describe deity.



God is the vast sea of souls and creeds

The poet speaks in numerous places of the sea of bliss,

Sea of silence, sea of grace, sea of pain, sea of darkness, sea of desire, sea of self seeking love



God’s grace is the ship which carries the soul over the sea of births

The soul is a frail ship to be piloted by god through the tempestuous seas.

God is the cargo of the ship of silence/ Maunam



God’s grace is as the sky

There’s sky space within the heart

To endeavour to see god by devices of religion is like climbing a hill,for the purpose of seeing the sky which could be seen everywhere.



As a deer in the sight of a tiger is the soul in the environment of worldliness



The process of attaining spiritual perfection according to the Siddhanta is described in two beautiful psalms undert he analogies of tilling the earth,and of other agricultural acts.

See NM 72,587



The mind is as a top moving under the will of God

The soul in the sphere of attachment s is like a top whirling after the string had been withdrawn.

The mind when free from distraction s is like a top that had ceased to whirl.


Toy House

To be contented with the lesser things of life without knowing the way of stillness is like being like children happy in their toy sand houses..

to be continued………………………………….

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