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Let us continue with the Rigvedic hymn 1-112

Mantra 18 ( RV 1-112-18)

Here Angiras and Manu are referred to.

Angiras is a seer. Manu is a Rajarsi, already dealt with in mantra 16.

Here we come across ‘Flood of Milk’ , also cows shut up in the cave. The explanation given says, the rain clouds prevented from pouring out their water.

Clouds described as cows and ‘their detention in the caves’ is used very often in the Vedas.

Mantra 19

Here we come across two more historical personages

Seer Vimada and King Sudas.

Foreign jokers are silent about Su+ Das, Divo +Dasa.

In other places they describe ‘das’ ‘dasa’ ‘dasyu’ as derogatory terms.

But Vedic kings themselves had these “das and dasa” suffixes

Vimada got a wife through the Asvins. Commentators say it was the daughter of Purumitra. Rishi Vimada’s name occurs in five more hymns.

But the most important name is Sudas, son of Pijavana, King of the Trtsus.

It was one of the historical wars where Sudas won with the help of Indra.

Fully described in the commentaries of Rigveda 7-18

Foreign clowns were surprised and baffled because the Seveth mandala hymn mentioned River Yamuna. Foreign clowns struggle to get the meaning of 7-18. Griffith as usual say it is difficult to understand because of the difficult phraseology.

Rig Veda’s most important war comes upto  River Yamnua!!

Several thousand square miles from Iran to Uttarpradesh covered by the Rig Veda.

Anyway I will deal with that’s hymn separately.

Here ruddy cows are described as red clouds!

Mantra 20

Mantra gives more mysterious names in addition to famous Bhujyu, already dealt with here in mantra 6. Asvins’ greatest sea adventure is with Bhujyu.

But here Adhrigu is also said to have been protected by the Asvins.

Sayana says he was another seer .

Another name Rtastup is also portrayed as a seer by Sayana. He got food from the Asvins.

We don’t know much about these seers.

Another word Subharaa is an adjective according to Sayana.

It may also be the name of a person.

Mantra 21

Asvins are always associated with Honey. In this mantra Asvins are said to have provided the delicious honey to the bees!

No commentator explains this!!

Here we come across one more person Krsanu, who is one of the celestial guardians of Soma. RV 4-27-3 where Krsanu occurs is a mysterious hymn which associated Soma with Falcon or Eagle.

Through out the Vedas we see falcons and eagles bringing mysterious Soma. But some half -baked botanists and doctors described it as a mushroom , this and that, 125 years ago. They could not explain why Eagle is associated with Soma. Had the foreigners really identified Soma they would have marketed it like Coca Cola by this time and made billions of dollars. All their identifications are wrong.

Why should Krsanu protect it in heaven?

More over Krsanu is helped in war according to a commentator. What war?

He is identified with Keresani in Avesta, which is doubtful.

This mantra says that Asvins helped a young man to win a horse race. Commentators say it is Purukutsa.

Vedas mentioned Horse races, festivals and dances in addition to Kings.So it was not a nomadic community. They ruled a vast area from Afghanistan/Iran to Uttar Pradesh!

The geography Rig Veda baffled the foreign jesters and so they tried to identify the actual rivers with some imaginary rivers!

Don’t take my word for it. If you read the entire Rig Veda and loot athe commentaries of 25+ jokers , you would also come to the same conclusion. What is it?

Vedas, as the name suggests, is Knowledge, not nomadic poems.

To be continued………..

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