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August 2021 ‘Good Thoughts’ Calendar

FESTIVAL DAYS IN AUGUST 3- ADIP PERUKKU (in Tamil Nadu), 8- Adi Amaavasai, 11- Adi Pooram, 15- Indian Independence Day, Aurobindo Birth Day, 20-Mohuram, 21-Varalaakshmi Vratam, 21 Onam, 22- Yajur Upakarma, Raksha Bandhan, 23- Gayathri Japam,30- Krishna Jayanthi

Amavasai / new moon day – 8; Purnima/ Full moon day- 22,

Ekadasi Fasting Days-4, 18

Auspicious Day s for Weddings etc- 20, 26

August 1 Sunday

To gain your mercy, Varuna,with hymns we bind your heart, as a charioteer binds his horse ( to the chariot) 1-25-3


August 2 Monday

Never do they fail the ever faithful worshipper 1-25-6


August 3 Tuesday

O Agni, you are like a Father to his son, Kinsman for kinsman and Friend to a good friend 1-26-3


August 4 Wednesday

Release us from the upper bond, , untie the bond between, and loose the bonds below. 1-25-21


August 5 Thursday

Him, whosoever he may be, no man may vanquish, mighty one.

Nay, very glorious power is his 1-27-8


August 6 Friday

Agni, you save even one ,who walks in evil way 1-31-6


August 7 Saturday

Agni, you are our Providence, you are our father , we are your

brothers,and you are our spring of life 1-31-10


August 8 Sunday

Will not the Indestructible endow us with perfect knowledge of this wealth, of cattle? 1-33-1

Cattle does not mean cows and bulls. Like Tamil saint Tirumular it means the five senses.


August 9 Monday

I fly to him invisible Wealth giver like a falcon flies to his cherished eyrie 1-32-2


August 10 Tuesday

O Asvins, thrice bring to us abundant wealth,; thrice in the Gods assembly, thrice assist our thoughts

Thrice grant us prosperity, thrice grant us fame, for the Sun’s daughter has mounted your three wheeled car 1-34-5


August 11 Wednesday

Thrice,Asvins, grant to us heavenly medicines, thrice those of earth, and thrice that the waters hold 1-34-6


August 12 Thursday

His chariot decked with Pearl, of various colours,lofty,with golden pole, the God has mounted

The many rayed one, the holy Savita, bound, bearing power and might, for darksome regions 1-35-4


August 13 Friday

Three heavens are there, two Savita’s adjacent, in Yama’ world one, the home of heroes

As on a lynch pin, firm, rest things immortal; he who has known it let him declare it here 1-35-6


August 14 Saturday

Manu has stabilised you a light, Agni, for all the race of men 1-36-19


August 15 Sunday

Stand up erect to lend us aid, stand up like Savita,the God 1-36-13


August 16 Monday

Smite down as with a club, you who has fire for teeth, smite the wicked, right and left. Let not the man who plots against us in the night, nor any foe prevail over us 1-36-16


August 17 Tuesday

O, Maruts, before your fury, the earth trembles like a king who is weakened by age 1-37-8


August 18 Wednesday

Come quickly in swift horses, for you have worshippers among Kanva’s sons.

May you rejoice among them well 1-37-14


August 19 Thursday

What now? When will you take us by both the hands as a dear father his son?

Gods, sacred grass is cut and spread for you 1-38-1


August 20 Friday

Never were your praiser loathed like a wild beast in pasture land.

Nor should he go on Yama’s path 1-38-5


August 21 Saturday

O Maruts , at your voice’s at this earthly habitation shakes;

And each man reels who dwells there in 1-38-10


August 22 Sunday

You have yoked the spotted deer to your chariot; a red deer, as a leader, draws.

Even the earth herself listened to you as you came near, and men were sorely terrified 1-39-6


August 23 Monday

O, Son of Strength, each man calls you for aid when spoil of battle waits for him.

O Maruts, may this man who loves you well obtain wealth of good horses and hero might ,may Suntra the goddess come 1-40-2


August 24 Tuesday

May Brahmanaspati draw nigh, may Suntra the goddess, come to this rite which gives the god the five-fold gift the Hero, Lover of Mankind .1-40-3


August 25 Wednesday

Let him not love to speak ill words; but fear the One, who holds all four within his hand until they fall

Tread with your foot and trample out the fire brand of the wicked one, the double tongued, whoever he be 1-42-4


August 26 Thursday

Lead us to meadows rich in grass; send on our way no early heat.

O Pusan, you find power for this 1-42-8


August 27 Friday

What shall we sing to Rudra, strong, most bounteous, excellently wise,

That shall be dearest to his heart?1-43-1


August 28 Saturday

O, Soma, you set upon us the glory of a hundred men.

The great renown of mighty chiefs 1-43-7


August 29 Sunday

Agni, Him noblest and most youthful, richly worshipped guest, dear to the men who offer gifts. Him, Jatavedas, I beseech at dawn that he may bring gods to us 1-44-4


August 30 Monday

Asvins, Sons of the Sea, mighty to save discoverer s of riches, you Gods with deep thought who find out wealth 1-46-2


August 31 Tuesday

Come in the ship of these our hymns to bear you to the hither shore:

O Asvins, harness the car 1-46-7

The heavens wide vessel is your own; on the floods shore your chariot waits. Drops , with the hymn, have been prepared 1-46-8


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