Soma! We are Your Friends; You are Indra’s Friend! (Post No.10,104)


Post No. 10,104

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Let us look at the remaining mantars in the hymn RV 9-97 on Pavamana Soma:-

Mantra 43 of  RV.9-97

Flow onward Righteous Slayer of the Wicked;

Drive away our enemies and sickness

Blend your milk with the milk that cows afford us

We are Your Friends; And You are Indra’s Friend!.


9-97- 44 onwards…………….

You are a Spring of Treasure; Pour  us a fount of Honey/meath

Pour down Riches on us FROM THE OCEAN

(These words show that there was a big maritime trade between India and the Middle East and Africa; Bogazkoi Inscription of 1340 BCE prove that there was well established Vedic Hindus settlement in Turkey and Syria).

You are strong; you are wise;

You are sun-bright; you are chariot borne; truly potent.

You were poured forth like the longing of the pious.

Soma ! your daughter is earth. You cover her with your clothes.

You are singing like a priest in the assembly/ gathering.

You find three -fold refuge in the waters.

You are sweetest in waters, rich in meath and holy.

You are truthful-minded.

Flow to the song inspiring car borne (Asvins)

Flow to mighty Indra

Pour on us garments that shall clothe us suitably;

Please send us chariot drawing horses that may bring us treasures bright and


Send us in streams Celestial Riches.

Send us what earth contains so that we may acquire possessions and

Rsihood in Jamadagni’s manner

You are full of wisdom

You are glorious; flow on for us to the famed ford

May the Foe-queller shake us down , for triumph, like a tree’s ripe fruit 60,000 treasures

Soma ! Turn away the Foolish and Unfriendly

Soma sent our enemies to sleep and slew them

You are the giver of gifts

You are wise, King of all Existence

Devas sing like the bards who sing for obtaining wealth

May we pile up together all our spoil in battle

May Varuna and Mitra, Aditi and Sindhu, Earth and Heaven give us wealth

Thus ends the hymn RV 9-97.

Though the song looks like a battle cry it is not a battle cry.

They pray for status of a Rishi (Rsihood); they pray for the destruction of their sins; they also pray for earthly riches and celestial riches.

If one reads all the 58 Mantras and see the inner meaning, they pray to god for all the good things in life. Here Soma stands for GOD. And another point to be noted is God is a friend. This found throughout the Rig Veda. And they pray for the group, not for him alone. Always we and us and not I and me!


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