Ganga and Yamuna meeting


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Reference to river Yamuna in the Rig Veda baffled Marxist gang and Max Muller gang. Both  gangs spread a white lie that a race called Aryans invaded India through Khyber pass in the North West and pushed back the native population. They showed the native populations as utter cowards. After spreading this lie for 100 years , the Indus Valley civilization was discovered around 1921. Then they spread another lie, ‘Look, Look! Here is the proof’. That lie was nailed for ever in the coffin, because there were no Dravidia skeletons in Indus Valley sites. All the skeletons belonged to Aryan, i.e. with the body stature of Punjabis. Half of the idiots said there were skeletons of horses and the other half said no horse skeletons in Indus Valley. There also they could not prove the so called Aryans. The Rig Veda, oldest book in the world, contains over 1000 references to Horses and over 1000 references to rarest herb on earth called Soma latha.

Then came the scientists from NASA and BARC. Those space scientists and nuclear scientists gave the clearest proof for the existence of Sarasvati River which existed around 2000 BCE and then disappeared. That Sarsvati River was praised in over 60 hymns in the oldest book.

When the jaundiced eyed, half baked, mischievous, bad intentioned Westerners translated the Vedas, they used every hymn to show that ‘Aryans’ ‘occupied’ India to justify their (British and Muslim) occupation of India for 1000 years.

Greatest Tamil Poet Bharati, Swami Vivekananda, B R Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi, Kanchi Paramacharya and many more scholars rejected the western view of Aryan Invasion. Greatest Tamil poet Bharati used the word Aryan attributing all good things in the world. He called India Arya nation umpteen times!

Now more and more internal proofs are shown to counter the western lies. One of them is the reference to River Yamuna. Even then one idiot said this River Yamuna is different from the modern River Yamuna. This is another tactic the Westerners use. Whenever river Gomati was found in the Rig Veda, they said this Gomati is a different river. The reason being the white skinned people occupied Canada, America, and Australia where they massacred the native population occupied their land and named all those places after their native places in Europe. They had such criminal mindset. With these coloured glasses they looked at every genuine one and painted them according to their whims and fancies. Hindu scriptures say they were the sons of the soil and add that even angels in the heaven want a birth in Holy India. No where they mentioned a foreign land as their native place.

River Yamuna figures in the hymns of early period (Mandala 7) ;it is also in hymns of later period. The rivers mentioned in the Hymn on Rivers are far and wide. It occupies a vast area (now geographically covering three or four countries)

References to River Yamnua

RV 5-52-17

RV 7-18-19

RV 10-75-5 (Nadi Stuti- Hymn on Rivers)

Yamuna is near Delhi. We see references to places from Iran to Assam in the Rig Veda. This shows that the native Hindu population has been living in India for at least 8000 years. Though we have paintings which were 40,000 year old in Bhimbetka Caves in the deepest forests of Madhya Pradesh, the civilized existence for at least 8000 years is proved by the Rig Veda.

In addition to River Yamuna there is a reference to Indra crossing 99 rivers like a falcon/eagle.

And in the most famous River Hymn, they mentioned the rivers from Ganges in Bihar. Then they went westward. Even today , Hindus allocate East to Indra in their day to day fire rituals.

Modern research by scholars like Shrikant G Talageri show the westward march of Hindus. They marched from Kasi to Tehran. The Sanskrit words in Kassites (Benares kings), Hittites (Kshatriyas) and Mitannis (Mithraites) of the Middle East proved Hindus’ West Ward march. Then came the Dasaratha Letters (also knows as Amarna letters) of Egypt.

In 2000 year old Sangam Tamil literature, we find River Yamuna (Thozunai), River Ganges, Yupa Pillar, Amrita, Himalayas in over 50 places. Hindu Gods including Indra and Varuna are mentioned in over 100 places. And they are not religious books, they are only secular literature!!!

RV 5-52-17

17. The mighty ones, the seven times seven, have singly given me hundred gifts.

     I have obtained on Yamuna famed wealth in kine and wealth in steeds.

RV 7-18-19

19. Yamuna and the Trtsus aided Indra. There he stripped Bheda bare of all his treasures.

     The Ajas and the Sigrus and the Yaksus brought in to him as tribute heads of horses.

RV 10-75-5

5. Favour ye this my laud, O Ganga, Yamuna, O Sutudri, Parusni and Sarasvati:

     With Asikni, Vitasta, O Marudvrdha, O Arjikiya with Susoma hear my call.

(Rivers are mentioned from East to West)

My commentary on these passages are as follows:-

To be continued……………………….

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