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London University has its Asian and African wing called SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) where I taught Tamil for 20 years as Tamil Tutor. Ms Jayalalaitha Government in Tamil Nadu sent the Valluvar statue to London. High Commission of India contacted the University of London. They contacted  Dr Stuart Blackburn, an American Professor fluent in Tamil, and Head of South Asia Department at SOAS. I and Stuart sat together and wrote the leaflet and prepared the invitation for the event . Installation of the statue was held on 13th May 1996 according to my diary. Strangely no one else has any details about this event except me. That too because Stuart gave me the photo saying ‘Swami, Here is your picture’.

The attached article was published in April 2015 by my friend Jacob Ravibalan who launched World Tamil Organisation in London to bring all the Tamil organisations under one umbrella.

Please see the attached article:-

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