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I received the following question on 24-2-2022

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Thu, Feb 24 at 9:27 PM

Namaskaram! Abivadanam!

Came across your blog today, while searching for ‘Astrology in Tamil Literatures”.  With many other interests such as Tamil, Music, Cricket, Sanatana Dharma, and so on, Jothidam is one that is close to me.  More interested in finding reasons, logic, mathematical calculation behind the astrological concepts and rules than the predictions. 

So far, my understanding of the logic between circle/sphere 360 degree and the rasi chakram, 12 rasis, each 30 degree for rasi, etc. were established.

Now, trying to find the literary evidence that we, Hindu(Indians), know that Earth was a sphere before Aristotle of 350 BCE or  by Pythagoras 600 BCE. 

Would request yourself with vast knowledge to assist in finding the literature related to this.

Request your blessing to continue this project successfully!

MGR ………………………

……………… Florida

+678 …………………………….



The encyclopaedias give the credit of discovering the ROUND shape of earth to the Greeks. But I don’t agree with them for the following reasons:

All the words or most of the words for “round” are from Sanskrit or Tamil. But the question is whether they use the word in the context of the Shape of Earth.

Yes they have been doing it for at least for 2000 years.

But do we have such evidence in the Vedas? So far I couldn’t find any  direct evidence, but indirect evidence is there.

Before going deeper into Linguistics, which many of you don’t understand, I will give two AMAZING DETAILS from Sangam Tamil poem composed by a WOMAN POET!

Her name is  Miss  Maokkaththu Nappsalai

Verse No 174 in Purananuru (old part of 2000 year old Sangam Tamil Literature)



This woman poet Miss Nappsalai wanted to praise a chieftain who helped the hiding Choza king to ascend the throne again. The chieftain’s name is Malaiyaman Choziya Enathi Thiruk kannan.

There are three famous Solar Eclipse Episodes in Hindu Literature; They are

1.Anjaneya swallowing or devouring Sun (This is about the solar eclipse that occurred during his birth).

2.The Solar Eclipse in Mahabharata where by Krishna cheated Jayathdratha and made him to die.

3.The oldest and oft repeated Solar Eclipse in the Rig Veda which is attributed to the seer ATRI.

The Tamil poem (Puram.174) says

“The demons hid the sun; because the sun was not there, this ROUND SHAPED EARTH suffered. But to mitigate the sufferings of the people, the BLACK SKINNED man, who was as black as collyrium, came and raised the sun to the sky”

This simile is used by Miss Nappsalai to say that you also re installed the Solar king on the throne who was hiding in your mountain (like the Black Sinned one).

First let us enjoy the pun in this Tamil verse. Sun was raised to sky by black skiined; here Sun King (Surya Kula/Solar Dynasty is the Choza dynasty) is enthroned by you.

Mahabharata Story

In Mahabharata, Arjuna vowed to defeat the king Jayadratha before sun set on the 14th day in the 18 day war. Jayadratha was the king of Indus Valley. He fought so vehemently that  Arjuna couldn’t reach him at all before sun set ; it  was nearly  sunset. Krishna, the Black Skinned, person caused a temporary darkness, and the Kaurava Army blew the trumpets signalling the battle of the day was over. But it was not ; Krishna signalled to Arjuna when he removed the temporary darkness. Arjuna shot his arrow in such a way that the head of Jayadratha fell on the lap of Vridhashrava who also exploded into pieces (that is another story, irrelevant here)

This story was explained by me as Solar Eclipse, which Krishna knew in advance through Nakula- Sahadeva who were great astronomers.

When I wrote it in this blog several years ago, one wise man in London phoned me and questioned me how is it possible to get another Amavasai (solar eclipse can happen only on Amavasai/New moon day) when the very war started on Amavasai day. Then I clarified to him the war was fought for 18 days but not continuously; they declared alternate day as holiday, to clear the rubbish and dead bodies.

Now let us apply this episode to Tamil Woman’s Pura Nanuru verse.

In Mahabharata dark skinned Krishna created darkness  through his Sudarsana Chakra (Solar disc= solar eclipse)

In Choza country Tiru Kannan= Sri Krishna helped the hiding choza to ascend the throne.

Tamil woman Miss Nappasalai was so clever to use the pun on the word Krishna/Black. She even added dark skinned, as dark as collyrium in woman’s eyes!


Scientist Tamil Woman

The same Miss Nappasalai gives another scientific truth in the verse. She described the earth enveloped by darkness as ‘Paruthi Ngaalam’=  Round Earth . So 2000 years ago even a woman was able to include it in her verse.

Two scientific facts at one verse in the first five lines!!!!

Now to linguistcs:

‘Paruthi = Round’ is not a Tamil word; it is a Sanskrit word.

Even other Sangam poets use it for Paruthi Njaayiru= Round Sun.

Paruthi= Round is ‘Pari’ in Sanskrit and ‘Peri’ in European languages. We have temple ‘Pari Vattam’ in Tamil and Peri meter in English and European languages. There are scores of Sanskrit words with Pari as prefix. We have in English “sPHERE” which is used to describe the earth as Northern hemis’’phere’’ and Sothern hemis’’phere’’. You can see Pari there.

So Purananuru’s ‘Paruthi’ is used in all languages. Mis Nappasalai linked it with Earth.

Though we have earth in the story of Varaha Avatar which shows round shaped earth on the nose of Varaha/Boar Vishnu, those statues were dated vey late like 8th century CE. The early Gupta Varaha Avatar Statue of Udayagiri Caves don’t show earth on the nose of Boar/Varaha Vishnu. But how come suddenly they put round earth on later day sculptures? There must be some reason for it.

Anyway let us look at one a few more Sanskrit words in 2000 year old Sangam Tamil Literature :-

1.MANDILAM (Round / Circle). Found in Sangam Tamil

To  be continued……………..

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