WEAVERS in THE RIG VEDA (Post No.10,789)


Post No. 10,789

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Marxist gangs and Max Muller gangs projected Vedic Hindus as outsiders and nomads. But the information in the Tamil and Sanskrit literature said they were sons of the soil. More over the agricultural terms and the weaving terms tore the faces of those liars. The terms regarding the horses and chariots show highly developed transport system even during Vedic times. Sangam Tamil literature came a few thousand years after the Rig Veda, the oldest book in the world, and they also talk about lovers coming in chariots to meet their lady loves.

Let us look at the weaving details today. There is a beautiful simile which compares weavers producing cloths with poets composing songs. And another poet complaints about the rats damaging the yarn in the loom. These show that the Vedic society had a very active population of weavers.


Weaver 1

A hymn on creation 10-130

The sacrifice drawn out  with threads on every side, stretched by a hundred sacred ministers and one-

This do these fathers weave who hitherwards are come; they sit  beside the warp and cry, weave forth and weave back.

The man extends it and the man unwinds it ; even to this vaults of heaven hath he outspun it

These pegs are fastened to the seat of worship: they made their Sama hymns as their weaving shuttles.


Weaver 2


The ribs that compass me give pain and trouble me like rival wives

Indigence, nakedness exhaustion press me sore; my mind is fluttering like a bird’s.

As rats eat weavers’ threads, cares are consuming me, thy singer , Satakratu me

Have mercy on us once , O Indra, Bounteuos Lord: be thou a father unto us.


Weaver 3

Atharva Veda 10-7-42/43/44

42.Singly the two young maids of different colours approach the six pegged warp in turns and weave it

The one draws out the threads, the other lays them; they break them not, they reach no end of labour.

43.Of these two , dancing round as it were, I cannot distinguish whether ranks before the other

A male in weaves this web, a male divides it ; a male hath stretched it to the cope of heaven.

44.These pegs have buttressed up the sky. The Samans have turned them into shuttles for the weaving.


This hymn is a glorification of the Supreme Deity embodied, under the name Skambha, the Pillar, the Support or Fulcrum of all existence

( In Tamil, it is Kanthazi in Tolkappiam etc.)

42.Two young Maids: Ushas/Dawn and Night.

Six pegged: stretched over the six regions of the world Dawn weaves the luminous weft of day, and Night removes it from loom.

43.A Male: the first Man or Male , Purusha, Adipurusha, Prajapati.

This web: meaning here the primaeval sacrifice which constitutes creation; The man extends it, and the Man unbinds it .

( I think it is Big Bang and Big Shrink; it is already in Rig Veda 10-130)


My Comments

Whether it is a big topic like Creation or an insignificant one like a rat gnawing the weaver’s thread, the Vedic poets used the simile of weaving, because it is understood by everyone. The weaving was so common in Vedic society.


RV 10-101

Make pleasant hymns, spin out your songs and praises.



An ignorant fool, I ask in my mind about the hidden footprints of the gods. Over the young calf the poets stretched out seven threads to weave.



I do not know how to stretch the thread, nor weave the cloth , nor what they weave  as they enter the contest. Whose son could speak here such words that he would be above  and his father below?

He is the one who knows how to stretch  the thread and weave the cloth; he will speak the right words.



What was spread out she weaves afresh, re-weaving. The skilfull leaves his labour half-complete

He hath arisen from the rest, and parted seasons

(This is in another Rig Vedic verse as well; dawn and night weaving and un weaving)



Loose me from sin as from a bond that binds me; may we swell, Varuna, thy spring of order.

Let not my thread, while I weave the song,  be severed, nor my work’s sum, before the time, be shattered.

Xxx Subham xxx

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