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30 Rig Vedic Quotes are in the April 22 Calendar

Following quotations are from Fourth Mandala of the Rig Veda

Festival Days- 2-Telugu New Year/ Ugadhi;also Gudi Padwa; 10-Sri Rama Navami; 14-  Tamil New Year Day and Mahavir Jayanthi; 16-Chitra Pournami; 15-Good Friday , 18-Easter Monday

Auspicious days – April 6, 15,21, 25, 29

16- Full moon day; New moon day 30

Ekadasi – fasting days – 12,26

APRIL 1 Friday

Forth from the ocean sprang the wave of sweetness; together with the stalk it turned into Amrta. 4-58-1


APRIL 2 Saturday

Like rivers, our libations flow together, cleansing themselves in inmost heart and spirit .4-58-6


APRIL 3 Sunday

The streams of holy oil pour swiftly downward like the wild beasts that fly before the bowman. 4-58-6


APRIL 4 Monday

Like women at a gathering fair to look on and gently smiling, they incline to Agni. 4-58-8


APRIL 5 Tuesday

As maidens deck themselves with gay adornment to join the bridal feast, I now behold them.4-58-9


APRIL 6 Wednesday

The universe depends upon thy power and might within the sea, within the heart, within all life.

May we attain that sweetly flavoured wave of thine, brought at its gathering, over the surface of the floods 4-58-11


APRIL 7 Thursday

As the cow yields milk, pour for us freely, Lord of the Field, the wave that bears sweetness.4-57-2


APRIL 8 Friday

Sweet be the plants for us, the heavens, the waters and full of sweets for us be air’s mid region 4-57-3


APRIL 9 Saturday

May the Field’s Lord for us be the full of sweetness, and may we follow after him uninsured 4-57-3


APRIL 10 Sunday

Happily work our steers and men, may the plough furrow happily 4-57-4


APRIL 11 Monday

Suna and Sira, welcome ye this laud and with the milk with which ye have made in heaven

Bedew ye both this earth of ours 4-57-5


APRIL 12 Tuesday

Auspicious Sita, come thou near; we venerate and worship thee.

That thou mayst bless and prosper us and bring fruits abundantly



APRIL 13 Wednesday

May mighty Heaven and Earth, most meet for honour, be present here with light and gleaming splendours 4-56-1


APRIL 14 Thursday

The goddesses with gods, holy with holy, the Two stand pouring out their rain, exhaustless 4-56-2


APRIL 15 Friday

Sure in the worlds he was a skilful craftsman, he who produced these Twain the Earth and Heaven.

Wise with his power he brought forth realms, together spacious and deep, well fashioned, unsupported 4-56-3


APRIL 16 Saturday

O Heaven and Earth, with one accord promoting, with high protection as of Queens, our welfare

Far reaching ,universal, holy, guard us. May we car-borne, through song be victors ever 4-56-4


APRIL 17 Sunday

To both of you, O Heaven and Earth , we bring our lofty song of praise.

Pure ones to glorify you both 4-56-5


APRIL 18 Monday

The Housewife goddess Aditi, and Sindhu, the goddess Svasti, I implore for friendship

And may the three goddesses provide us protection night and day 4-55-3


APRIL 19 Tuesday

May goddess Aditi with gods defend us, save us the saviour god with care unceasing 4-55-7


APRIL 20 Wednesday

From trouble caused by man the Lord preserve us; from woe sent by his friend let Mitra save us.4-55-5


APRIL 21 Thursday

If we, men as we are , have sinned against the gods through want of thought, in weakness, or in insolence, absolve us from the guilt and make us free from sin 4-55-3


APRIL 22 Friday

What the fair fingered god Savitar brings forth on earth’s expanse or in the height of heaven, that work of his stands sure 4-55-4


APRIL 23 Saturday

May Indra Heaven Earth, Sindhu with the waters, Aditi with Adityas, give us shelter. 4-54-6


APRIL 24 Saturday

Him who distributes wealth to Manu’s progeny , that he may grant us here riches most excellent 4-54-1


APRIL 25 Monday

Dispelling gloom this day the wealthy mornings urge liberal givers to present their treasures

In the un lightened depth of darkness round them let the niggard traffickers sleep un awakened 4-51-3


APRIL 26 Tuesday

Him of the pleasant tongue have ancient sages, deep thinking, holy, singers set before them 4-50-1


APRIL 27 Wednesday

They have come nigh to you as treasure lovers, like mares, fleet footed, eager for glory 4-41-9


APRIL 28 Thursday

So I have glorified with praise strong Dhadhikravan, conquering steed.

Sweet he may make our mouths; may he prolong the days we have to live.4-39-6


APRIL 29 Friday

Wealth from the Rbhus is most glorious in renown, that which the Heroes, famed for vigour, have produce. 4-36-5


APRIL 30 Saturday

Gay like a brides man, making him a garland, tossing the dust, champing the reins that holds himself 4-38-6



For you, as Princes, for your ancient kindness, good comrades of the man who seek s for booty

We chose to us for the dear bond of friendship, most liberal heroes bringing bliss like parents 4-41-7


Indra and Varuna are most liberal givers of treasures to the men who toil serve them 4-41-3


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