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The oldest tree known as Bristlecone pine tree is in California, USA. It is 5000 years old. Biologists believe there are trees older than this, but their age is only calculated by indirect methods. Practising brahmins are like the oldest living trees. Most of the foreign Indologists like Max Muller were not practising Hindus. Moreover, they  believed that Indian culture is junior to Babylonian, Egyptian, Persian and Chinese cultures.

Indian king lists start from Buddha period, just 2600 years ago, whereas all other king lists start  from 3000 BCE. But our Epics and mythologies (Ithihasa, Purana) give a long list of kings which takes us to 4000 or 5000 BCE. It depends upon how many years (on an average) you give for each king. It ranges from 20 to 30 years for each king. Greek and Roman writers wrote in the first century CE that Hindus have 6000 year long history. That means today we can say we have 8000 year history. Proof is available all over the world. But cunning foreigners said “Yes proof is there. That shows you came from those places into India”. But Tamil and Sanskrit scriptures say we are the sons of the soil and we went to all parts of the world to civilize them .Now I am able to prove it with linguistic evidence.

I have already given hundreds of examples in my 200 linguistic articles, but I will give you only a few here because the title of my article is ‘Brahmins are living wonders’.

1.B/P= V

Rig Veda said  taPas/penance= Tamil Veda Tirukkural and Purananuru changed it to ‘taVam’.

Rig Veda said asVa= Avestan language said ‘asPa’.

This covers an area from Iran to South India covering a period of 4000 years at least.

Who wrote a grammar book for these people? How come they changed P=V in the same way?



Linguists say that Rig Veda said Dyaus/sky= Greeks said Zeus

Rig Veda said Dyuta/gambling = Tamil Veda Tirukkural said ‘Suuthu’

(hundreds of English words have this Tion=Sion)

Who wrote uniform grammar for Greek and Tamil? Linguistic scholars say both are entirely different language groups.



Tamil word for house is Veedu= Hebrew word for house is ‘Bet’

Within Tamil itself we see it Bandi becoming Vandi/cart now.

So, who wrote common grammar for Hebrew and Tamil. Why Tamils themselves changed Bandi into Vandi?

( I have already given over 1000 Tamil words in English)

Tamil Words like Appa/father, Papa/baby are also in Semitic anguages

In short Linguists are wrong. They are liars. They came with a fixed notion that there was one imaginary language called Proto Indo European from which all the words came.

I say that Tamil and Sanskrit alone existed with a Proto Indian language and all the civilized cultures borrowed them from us. Our scriptures also said this. From Shiva’s kettle drum sound came Tamil and Sanskrit and Lord Shiva sent Agastya to write a grammar to Tamil. Greatest modern Tamil poet Bharatiyar  said it  verbatim. 200 years before him, other Tamil poets also said it.

Kalidasa of first century BCE, Royal Poet in the court of the greatest Indian Emperor Vikramaditya, links Agastya and Pandya king in his Raghu Vamsa (Chapter 6).

If we reverse what foreign Indologists said then we easily solve the puzzle. Brahmins are the living evidence for it. Every day they do Sandhya Vandana three times. Every month they pay respects to departed souls. They use all the Vedic Mantras from birth to death and in between in the wedding too.

So Hindu religion is a living religion and Brahmins are the torch bearers. They provide evidence to show that we Hindus are the native citizens. 2700 years ago Panini gave the names of Seven seers (Sapta Rishis) and the brahmins recite it in the same order thrice a day. They worship Varuna and Agni and Indra in the same Sandhya Vandana.

Oldest Tamil book Tolkappiam mentioned both Varuna and Indra as Tamil gods. Same Tolkappiam said about the linguistics in the Vedas with the word ‘Antanar Marai (Brahmins Veda). Same Tolkappiam was given a Booker prize certificate by an Brahmin Acharya of Tiruvithankodu who was well versed in Four Vedas.

Most of the Indologists bluffed their way through without knowing all these things or turning a blind eye to the ‘bitter’ truths. If Brahmins continue their Fire Rituals and daily Sandhya Vandana they can show the proof for non -practising foreigners. People like Max Muller never visited India.

Letter “J” is not found in any ancient language. Only Rig Veda has it. Now without letter ‘J’ they cant speak English. All other ancient religions are in museums except Hinduism. So the 40 Hindu samskaras (rituals) from birth to death are evidence to show that it is different from others. We have the linguistic changes in Tamil and Sanskrit itself. No two languages can come this closer. So it is very important that Brahmins do the Sandhya Vandana everyday and recite the Gayatri found in all the four Vedas. We can show to the world , ‘Look here, a non brahmin Rishi gave us this Gayatri Mantra and we recite it every day without any caste difference’.

Since I have already listed all other points in my series of articles under ‘Brahmins deserve an entry into Guinness Book of Records’, I don’t want to repeat them.

 A community is reciting what has been recited 8000 years ago on the banks of Rivers Sarasvati, Sindhu and Ganga! That itself a wonder.

Kanchi paramacharya (1894-1994) was a great linguistic scholr. Even while explaining 12 Hindu months, he has shown how they got changed into Tamil . Many people didn’t even know their origin. Thank god!  Brahmins recite everything in their Puja Sankalapa (covering geography, history etc).

Please continue doing Tri Kala Sandhyavandana and please support Vedic Pundits wherever they do traditional things/rituals. Better to know the meaning from them as well. There is evidence to counter everything said against Hinduism by foreign Indologists. We can explode their pet theories by showing them a living tradition.


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