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The word Arya with its declensional forms occurs 36 times in the Rigveda..

13 times with Dasa,

9 times with Dasyu,

2 times with Dasyu and Dasah

Commentator Sayana takes Aryan to mean those ‘who perform sacrifices’ and ‘wise ones’.

Commentator Skandaswamin takes Dasyu to mean ‘Anaarya, opposite to Arya’.

In one place there is a reference to Arya Varna.

Sayana interprets this as noblest order. Arya vrata is interpreted as ‘kalyani karmani’ by Sayana.

The survey of 36 places where Arya was used gives the following meanings:-

Swami, Vidvan, Pandita, Sadhu, Yajamana, Karmakrt, Manusya, Tribhuvanesvara, Sreshta, Bhadra, Pujya, Trivarnika, Uttara Varna etc.


The word Dasyu has opposite meanings.

Griffith in the footnote to RV 1-51-8 writes the “Aryas are the people who speak the language of the Vedas and Dasyus are the original and hostile people of India”.

Later he says “Aryas were the true and loyal people, faithful to India and the gods and the Dasyus were the wicked and godless people”. Almost all the western scholars have the same view and this is because they all thought that Aryans came to India from Central Asia and they conquered the Dasa or Dasyus.

But no Tamil or Sanskrit book said this. On the contrary they portrayed Vedic Hindus as the sons of the soil. Arya has no ethnic connotation.

In classical literature Arya meant a good person. It can be compared with Greek Aristos.

We see fighting among Aryas like the Tamils. Chera,Choza and Pandyas were great Hindus and performed big Yagas like Asvamedha and Rajasuya and spoke the same Tamil language. But they fought with one another continuously for 1500 years. They killed their opponents and set fire to the enemy Tamil towns. They destroyed Tamil towns completely and ploughed the destroyed city lands with donkeys and sowed sesame seeds and horse gram. Great Kalinga king Kharavela also used asses to plough enemy lands. Though Tamils destroyed their own compatriots’ foreign scoundrels did not attribute any racial issues.

In Rigveda also we see Aryas fighting among themselves, Indra killing Brahmanas and doing atonement for Brahmahaththi.

In RV. 4-30-18 Indra is said to have killed two Arya kings on the bank of river Sarayu. According to Sayana, Arya kings Arna and Chitra Ratha were killed by Indra. The reason for killing is disrespect shown to Indra. Tamils also did the same. When two North Indian chieftains Kanaka Vijayan ridiculed Tamil kings, Chera king Senguttuvan arrested them and asked them to carry the Himalayan rocks on their heads. Karikalan, the great cholza emperor, who performed Yaga by building eagle shaped Yaga kunda, killed seven Tami l kings and chieftains and wore their seven garlands. 2000 year old Tamil Sangam literature even said, Tamils cut the hair of enemy Tamil women and made ropes out of them to pull their victorious cars. They did not bother insulting their own women. If the Max Muller and Marxist  gangs find such remarks in the Vedas they attributed racist motives. Alexander’s invasion have more horrific stories. He took native women for himself in all the places he conquered.

 Sangam Tamil literature used the word ‘river of blood’ in its own Tamil territories. When river Charmanvathi’s natural reddish colour was used as a hyperbole to say the king did sacrifice with so many animals to make it red, Marxist rascals interpreted it as massacre of animals. They deliberately took it literally. Tamil Purananuru verse says brahmins did Yagas where milk and ghee were flowing like rivers.

Today we see such animal massacres only in Muslim Eid al Adha festival. Thousands of camels are massacred.

Actually river Charmanvathi is a Tamil word meaning Sem Mann = red earth or red soil.

Rig Vedic Sudasa who has Dasa suffix was a great king who fought against ten Aryan kings with the support of great Vedic rishis.

Mahi Dasa was the great author of Aitareya Brahmana. Even in Mahabharata we see Rakshas, Naga wives of Pandavas or their descendants.

Going back to Rigveda again,

We read about Indra and Agni subduing Arya and Dasa enemies in in RV 6-6-6.

RV 6-33-3 says Indra killed both Arya and Dasa enemies.

RV 7-83-1 also speaks of Varuna killing Dasas and Aryas and protecting Sudas.

RV 10-69-6 also said this.

Like Choza,Chera,Pandya of Tamils, Aryas also had five groups, seven groups, Dasagvas,and  Navagvas meaning Nine peoples, Ten peoples etc.

Like we have anti god Dravidian political parties today in Tamil Nadu, there was a rowdy group in Vedic times. If we read religious scriptures of other religions, we see such Anti- God groups. Foreign scoundrels never introduced racial motives there. In Greece every city fought with another city. They had their own coins. It was the condition 2500 years ago. So it is possible that Vedic society also had such divisions.

Latest analysis of Rigveda shows that it covers at least 500 years from Iran to Assam in India. We have Indra, Agni, Varuna, Mitra and Nasatya as witnesses in a treaty in Turkey in 1400 BCE.

In short Dasas were neutral. Dasyus were anti Hindu gangs, like modern anti Hindu political parties. Aryas were supporters of Vedic rituals. When someone is described as snub nosed, black skinned we don’t need to take them literally. Same Vedic literature described Aryas as bulls, lions and tigers. It means only ferocious , heroic and courageous. Valmiki also praised Rama as tigerish, Narasardula, tiger among men. We never interpreted it as tiger Rama. Foreign scoundrels came with a bad motive and stuck to it. That is why Ambedkar, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Kanchi Paramacharya and other great people rejected the views of Max Muller gangs and Marxist gangs.

It is our duty to obey the command of Swami Vivekananda and throw all the mud from the bottom of Indian Ocean on those foreign mischief mongers.

To be continued……………………………..

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