Sexy Tamil Veda Tirukkural scared Christians! (Post No.10,846)


Post No. 10,846

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Tamil Veda Tirukkural’s original name was Muppaal, that is Three Subjects. The three subjects are Dharma Artha and Kama found in very old Sanskrit books. These Dharma, Artha, Kama are found in ancient Sangam book Purananuru and Tolkappiam. That is the reason for the greatest of the Tamil poets Tiru valluvar naming his book Three subjects or Three Divisions, I.e. Dharmaarthakaama.

Christian evangelists were already critical of Gopis and Lord Krishna. The British library in London has the old Tamil evangelical books. They criticised Lord Krishna and his association with the Gopis in their propaganda against Hinduism. When they came to know Tiruvalluvar’s book Tirukkural, that is Muppaal, has the last chapter on Sex/Kaama, they were scared to open those pages. They thought if they tell the world what Tiruvalluvar has written there, the whole world will think that Tiruvalluvar was a sex maniac. They did not know that Hindu religion is the only religion in the world that considers sex is also sacred. Their 40 Samskaras, that is Forty Rituals from birth to death, have enough proof for it. Rigveda, the oldest book in the world, has lot of similes where women hugging males, wife hugging husbands; they are used scores of times. It is very rare to find such similes even in Parsi’s Gathas. Even Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita use lover- lady love similes (BG.11-44)

Read what Dr R P Sethu Pillai wrote in 1943-44 in the Oriental Journal which was published in book forms by the university in 1953 and 1974 under the title ‘Words and their Significance’

“The early missionaries who set themselves the task of translating the Kural into European languages were evidently shocked at the title Kaamattup pal, (chapter on Sex).

Kamam is cherished as one of the four objectives of life and the Prince of moralists Tiruvalluvar did not disdain to use the term Kamattup pal as the caption of the last canto of his classical work.

The God of Love in Hindu mythology is known as Kaman and as he awakens love in human hearts he is styled Kaamavel” .

Regarding Kaamattuppaal Rev Drew said that “it could not be translated into any European language without exposing its translator to infamy. The confessions of Dr G U Pope may be considered in this connection.

“This prejudice, says Dr Pope, kept me from reading the third part of the Kural for some years; but the idea occurred to me very forcibly that he who wrote,

‘Spotless thou be in mind! This only merits virtue’s name

All, else mere pomp and idle sound, no real worth can claim’

could not have covered himself with the spotted infamy of singing a song of lust. Thus I ventured at length to read and study it, when I was able fairly to appreciate its spirit; and as the result, I translate it believing that I shall be regarded as having done service in doing so”.

From Pope’s Kural intro, p 13


Hope these people didn’t visit Khajuraho Temples and read Kamasutra of Saint Vatsyayana.

R T Griffith also refused to translate several hymns of the Rig Veda. Others translated them into Latin. So much scare!


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