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Sangam Tamils used Yaan for ‘I’ instead of Naan (used now)

Sangam Tamils used Poosai for ‘cat’ instead of Poonai

Sangam Tamils used Paandil for ‘cart’ instead of Vandi

Sangam Tamils used Ainthu for ‘Five’ instead of Anchu

There are hundreds of such words.

I have made a list of hundreds of words from Sangam Tamil literature which changed in the last 2000 years. No external influence is the reason for these changes. There are many more words which changed because of external influence. Tamil is the junior most language among Sanskrit, Persian, Hebrew, Greek and Latin and the most defective language in this group. Tamils had no Past, Present and Future tenses in Sangam period. Another big defect of old Tamil was, it didn’t have s, sh, j, ha —  sounds in those days . So one couldn’t say James, Harry Potter, Shakespeare, Harsha, Samantha or Sarasvati or most of foreign names of BCE period. Ancient Tamils were banned rom using Sa as initial letter. They were also banned from using R or L as initial letters. In spite of these defects, it had a great literature with 2500 verses by 450 poets two thousand years ago. Five hundred years ago they made up all these defects by inventing Grantha alphabets with Ja, ha, Sha, sa.

During my forty year language research I have found out the following things :-

Use only written works; When you do comparative study use only written works. For instance, if we take written materials Tamil is the junior most. Sanskrit, Hebrew, Persian, Greek and Latin have older books than Tamil

Compare only contemporary works; even when you compare the works from the above languages, you have to compare fifth century BCE works with the same period works in other languages. If you compare two language materials , one written in 5th century BCE and another language work in 5th century CE, you may go wrong.

Reconstructing as Proto/Imaginary language is wrong.

White people created this cunning device to discredit Sanskrit and to justify their Aryan Migration Theory. One Mr Sathur Sekaran came to BBC Tamil Service 30 years ao to be interviewed by me. He published 140 books or booklets to show that all languages came from Tamil. He did follow the same PRTO gimmick. My friends in London say Sumerian came from Tamil or vice verse. They also follow the same PROTO construction tricks. In short, any one can show any language word as their own. The fact of the matter is there re more dissimilar words than similar words in Indo European group. Strangely for Cow we have cognate words but not for milk Corn has different meanings in different European languages.

Changes are universal; Some changes in spelling and pronunciations can be seen in every language. Some common changes in all the ancient languages are also seen. Eg. R=L; D=L=R; B/P= V; V=M=P;

This way we can show even Avesta and Tamil follow the same rule. But no one wrote a common grammar book for those two languages.

Closest language for Tamil is Sanskrit. Both these languages have similar alphabetical order, almost similar sounds, case suffixes, Joining/Sandhi rules, word order (SOV), glyph/script etc. That is the reason North Indian sage living in the Himalayas wrote first grammar in Tamil.

All ancient languages branch out and develop in Tamil way or Sanskrit way. We can track the key words in the ancient languages either to Tamil or Sanskrit.

All old linguistic theories can be exploded, and dust binned with examples from Indian languages Even Prakrit language retain certain archaic Vedic usages where as other north Indian languages including Classical Sanskrit have changed.

Even among South Indian languages some old Sangam Tamil words are used in Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada, but Tamils are not using them anymore. So one must be careful in assessing such languages. One or two words wont make an hypothesis.

There is no Aryan family of languages and Dravidian family of languages. There is only one Indian language family.

Tamil will die if anyone removes Sanskrit words

Now and then Dravidian fanatics who have no knowledge in other languages say that Tamil can exist without Sanskrit words. It was never the condition in ancient Tamil Nadu. If anyone removes the Sanskrit words 500 Tirukkural couplets will die. In fact all the 133 chapters have Adhikaram (Sanskrit word).

2500 Tamil verses will look like rusty iron or virus affected software if one removes Sanskrit words. Tamil dictionaries and Nikandus (thesaurus) will be reduced to one fourth of its present size. Since ancient Tamils treated Tamil and Sanskrit as their own two eyes, they used Sanskrit words without any inhibition (Eg. Kama/m, Mana/m, Ulaka/m, Tava/m

No Indian can speak his language for even five minutes without a Sanskrit word. It includes Tamil too.

Even Dravidian Etymological Dictionary contains about 5000 words only. I can challenge many of the words in it with ample proof.



Scholars believe that Agastya travelled to Tamil Nadu around 750 BCE to do a grammar for Tamil; he came to the south at the request of Lord Shiva. That means Tamil had some literature at that time.

‘Literature comes first; grammar comes later’  is the universal rule

Though the present Sangam Tamil literature covers first three centuries of our period, Tamils believe there were two Tamil Academies in the South which were devoured by the sea during two Tsunami attacks. So the lost literature may be from the first Tamil Academy.

Even Kalidasa of first century BCE talked about the Pandya- Agastya connection. Pandya kings were the sponsors of Three Tamil Academies known as Tamil Sangam.

Foreigners imagined a proto language and bluffed through centuries. Now even the dogs are mocking at them; cocks are mocking at them; same dog or cock make different sounds (cries) in their languages in different countries.

Google for dogs barking and you will have good jokes.


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