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The etymology of Hippos/Horse in Greek has strange twists and turns.

Following is the explanation given by linguists. But  It is wrong :-

“before vowels, hipp-, word-forming element meaning “horse,” from Greek hippo-, from hippos “horse,” from PIE root *ekwo- “horse.”

Entries linking to hippo-


Proto-Indo-European root meaning “horse.” Perhaps related to *ōku- “swift.”

It forms all or part of: alfalfaEohippusequestrianequineequushippo-hippocampusHippocraticHippocrenehippocrepianhippodromehippogriffHippolytushippopotamusPhilipphilippicPhilippinesXanthippe.

It is the hypothetical source of/evidence for its existence is provided by: Sanskrit açva-, Avestan aspa-, Greek hippos, Latin equus, Old Irish ech, Old Church Slavonic ehu-, Old English eoh, Gothic aihwa- all meaning “horse.”



The above derivation is wrong.

When linguists say Proto, it means their ‘imagination’, ‘fake construction’; it also means it is ‘not found in any available literature’.

Ekwo is also Proto; that means ‘concocted’, ‘imaginary’, ‘fake invention of western linguists’.

Hippo can be derived from Sanskrit Asva without any difficulty.

We see P=V changes in Tamil, Avestan and Sanskrit; three documented languages ; not Proto!

AsVa = asPa in Avestan

uPama = uVamai in Tamil Tolkappiam, oldest Tamil book according to Tamils

taPas = taVam in Tamil Sangam Literature

Panini also gave examples in Ashtadhyayi

Step 1

PP in Hippo is hiVVos


Next Step

H= S (Helios= Surya)

Since S is not in Greek and Persian we got the word Hindu (Sindhu=Hindu)

aSmi= aHmi in Avestan


Hippo = SIVVOS


Step 3

Addition of A is not uncommon; but here we don’t even need addition of A; S itself changes to A

Rigvedic Sabha becomes Avai in 2000 year old Sangam literature

So  Hippos = Aivvos

Aivvos= Asva/s


Even if you go for Equs we have IVULI in Tamil for horse.

Coming back to my favourite theory that Sanskrit and Tamil are the two languages that took the culture around the world is proved once again by

Hippos= AiVVos= Asvas

Instead of beating round the bush, we get Asva in straight forward method.

Xxx subham xxx

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