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In New York, two beggars were sitting side by side, one carrying *OM* sign and the other with *CROSS* sign.

People passing that area were giving dirty look to the beggar carrying the *OM* sign but was giving dollar to the one carrying the *CROSS* sign.

This was going on, when a father of a church was passing by and noticed this. He then came to the beggar who was carrying the *OM* sign and told him: “You are in a country, where people follow Christianity. You being a Hindu will hardly get any alms. Just to make you feel jealous and frustrated people are giving dollars to your counterpart.”

After the Father left, the beggar carrying the OM sign said the following in Gujarati to his counterpart: “Jignesh Bhai?”

“Yes, Mansukh Bhai.”

“Now this Father is trying to teach us how to do business.”


TAMIL JOKES (Tamil Speakers only will enjoy the following funny comments)

Brilliantly Funny jokes involving Tamil lingo 🤪

1. My elder brother is an irritating fellow.

He is anna-ying.

3. Where do dentists in Chennai practice?

EEE-kaatu thaangal.

4. How did the Arctic bear slap the other one?

Polar polar nu.

5. Why is Michelle Obama considered so careless?

Ava epome Barack ah paathutu irupa.

6. Why do people take binoculars to a wedding?

They can see their doorathu sondham.

7. If Black Panther sits down he never gets up, because…?

Okkandha forever.

8. What do you call it when your elder sister gives you a place to stay?


9. Why did the king’s stuff turn into sand?

Because the amaichar said, “Aagantum Manna.”

10. Where did the Mallu girl go when she became angry?

Ava Cochinu poita.

11. What do you call it if the dogs are so attached to you?


12. I married a pizza.

My children are kutti pizzasu.

13. Why did Batman shout, “Aeiouuu”?

Because avan vowel manidhan.

14. Which writer asked his son to donate his eyes?

Kanna thaa son.

15. What happened to those oranges left in the freezer?

Orange-i poochu.

16. Why was the spy staring at the sea?

Avan Wave paakaraan.

17. Most people who do CA love mutton. Why?

Because they are aadu-eaters.

18. A jealous engineer can never design a proper circuit. Why?

Avanuku Wire ah eriyum.

19. Why were the tourists staring at the hammer instead of sight-seeing?

Avanga suthi paaka vandhaanga.

20. My dad’s brother is a big joke.

You could call him Periya-pun.

21. What do you call a piece of cotton falling from a high altitude?

Punjee Jumping.

22. Your friend poked you.

You poked back.

You’ve poked each other 158 times in a row.


23. Did you know that Bruce Banner smelt good after getting exposed to the radiation?

Gamma gamma nu irundhaaru.

24. Why are the articles in English known as orphans?

They are an, a, the. (Anadhi)

25. A scientist shows his awards and achievements to his friend.

Scientist: These are all my awards in physics.

Friend: These are arranged so randomly!

Scientist: Yes. My field of interest is en-trophy.

Xxx Subham xxxx

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