Kapila story : Gems from Jain Literature- Part 3 (Post No.11,141)


Post No. 11,141

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The more you get, the more you want;

Greed always increases with gain.

“When a thing could have been accomplished with two Masas only , it is not accomplished even by ten millions”.

Once a Brahmin by name Kapila went to a king only to get two Maasas of gold only. The king pleased with him for his truthfulness , asked him to ask for anything that he liked. Kapila then started thinking whether he should ask for a thousand, or ten thousand or a hundred thousand,and so on. And then all of a sudden it dawned on him that he had gone to the king originally with the ides of getting two Maasas only. And he realised the futility of it all, and renounced the world there and then.

Sloka for this in Ardhamagadi language.

There is no limit

Jahaa loho tahaa loho laahaa loho pavaddayi

Domaasakayam kajjam kodiiye vi na viddiyam


The disciple asks the preceptor

How should a true monk walk

How should he stand

How should he talk

How should he lie down/sleep

How should he eat or talk, so that he may not bind sinful karman

The preceptor answers

He, a true monk should walk, stand, sit or sleep with proper self control.

Eating and speaking with proper control, he will not bind any sinful Karman around the soul.

Kaham chare Kaham chidde kaham bhase kaham saye

Kaham bhunjantho bhaasantho paavam kammam na bandayii

Jayam chare jayam chidde jayam aase jayam saye

Jayam bhunjantho bhaasantho paavam kammam na bandayii


Seven Things that Reduce Life Span

Life diminishes in the following seven ways

Seven causes of decay and death


Brooding over some shocking incident, sorrow, love, hatred etc


Wounds inflicted by weapons etc


Excess of food


Suffering pain, agony,diseases


Wound s caused by falling down etc from great heights


Coming into contact with hard stone or a poisonous reptile

7.Aana praana

Respiration; when the respiratory system fails, suffocation, asphyxia

To be continued………………………..

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