Fire won’t Burn You- Miracle in Hinduism (Post No.11,376)


Post No. 11,376

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Fire won’t Burn You- Miracle in Hinduism

Hindus believe that they can control five elements through penance. But they don’t use it very often. Seldom they use it. For instance, when you give some one a boon or when you curse some one , you are using your bank balance of Punya (merits earned with hard work or penance). Vishvamitra, a born Kshatriya,  lost his bank balance three times when he wanted to become a Brahma Rishi (brahmana Rishi) by  hook or by crook. He lost his energy through sex with Menaka once. Then he lost his earned money/merits through ego. When the king of Ayodhya Tri Shanku wanted to go to heaven with human body, Vishvamitra,  used his energy but failed because he had not enough bank balance of Punya. His anger towards Vasistha also wasted his bank balance of merits/Punya. At the end when he gave up Kama, Krodha and Lobha, he was declared a Brahmana by Vasistha.

Tamil poet Tiru Valluvar says that a chaste woman can bring down rain at her command. But they don’t waste their energy that way. A scene that was not in Valmiki Ramayana is portrayed by Kamban in his Ramayana in Tamil. When he met Sitadevi in Asoka Vana of Sri Lanka , he prayed to her to sit on his shoulders so that he can carry her straight to Rama like direct flight. But she refused saying to Hanuman, “What do you think about me? With my power I can burn not only this earth but all the earths beyond (solar system). But that would bring bad name to my Hero Rama”. In fact she says that her chastity is more powerful than Rama’s bow (heroism). Then Hanuman went away. He was caught by the demons and his tail was set on fire by the order of Ravana, the king of the demons. But it did not cause Hanuman any discomfort. He set fire to Sri Lanka.


Sita was praying to Fire God Agni that it should not burn Hanuman. The miracle happened. Hanuman was thinking how come it did not burn him. He logically arrived at three reasons: 1.Rama’s power, 2.Sita’s chastity and 3. His dad’s friendship with Fire. Wind and fire work together is a known fact. Hanuman was the son of God of Wind (Vaayu Bhagawaan)

Let us look at what ran through Sita’s mind.

Valmiki described the scene beautifully in the following slokas in Sundara Kanda (kaanda= canto).

यस्त्वया कृतसंवाद स्सीते ताम्रमुखः कपिः।।5.53.25।।

लाङ्गूलेन प्रदीप्तेन स एष परिणीयते।

“O Sita the red faced monkey who conversed with you is being paraded in the streets with his tail set on fire”.

श्रुत्वा तद्वचनं क्रूरमात्मापहरणोपमम्।।5.53.26।।

वैदेही शोकसन्तप्ता हुताशनमुपागमत्।

Distressed on hearing the news which was as cruel as her own abduction Sita started burning with grief and invoked the FIRE GOD.

मङ्गलाभिमुखी तस्य सा तदाऽसीन्महाकपेः।।5.53.27।।

उपतस्थे विशालाक्षी प्रयता हव्यवाहनम्।

Wishing the great monkey well, the large eyed Sita invoked the Fire god in her heart.

यद्यस्ति पतिशुश्रूषा यद्यस्ति चरितं तपः।

यदि चास्त्येकपत्नीत्वं शीतो भव हनूमतः।।5.53.28।।

“O Fire god if I have served my husband, if I have practised austerities, and if I am loyal to my husband, be cool to Hanuman.

यदि किञ्चिदनुक्रोशस्तस्य मय्यस्ति धीमतः।।5.53.29।।

यदि वा भाग्यशेषो मे शीतो भव हनूमतः।

“If wise Rama has some compassion for me, if there is any residue of good luck for me, to Hanuman be cool O Fire god.

यदि मां वृत्तसम्पन्नां तत्समागमलालसाम्।।5.53.30।।

स विजानाति धर्मात्मा शीतो भव हनूमतः।

“O Fire god if Rama is righteous, if I am pure in mind, and if I am longing to unite with him, be cool to Hanuman.

यदि मां तारयेदार्यस्सुग्रीवः सत्यसङ्गरः।।5.53.31।।

अस्माद्धुःखाम्बुसंरोधाच्छीतो भव हनूमतः।
“If Sugriva is true to his promise to fight (for me), if he should be able to rescue me from this ocean of agony let Hanuman be cool (not consumed by fire.)”

ततस्तीक्ष्णार्चिरव्यग्रः प्रदक्षिणशिखोऽनलः।।5.53.32।।

जज्वाल मृगशाबाक्ष्या श्शंसन्निव शिवं कपेः।

Then the tips of the intense flame appeared steadily moving to the fawn eyed Sita indicating the fire god’s auspiciousness and safety to Hanuman.

हनुमज्जनकश्चापि पुच्छानलयुतोऽनिलः।।5.53.33।।

ववौ स्वास्थ्यकरो देव्याः प्रालेयानिलशीतलः।

“The Wind god accompanying Hanuman’s firelit tail also blew cool like the wind from snow, to calm the mind of the divine lady.

दह्यमाने च लाङ्गूले चिन्तयामास वानरः।।5.53.34।।

प्रदीप्तोऽग्निरयं कस्मान्न मां दहति सर्वतः।

When the tail was burning, the vanara (vaanara= Vana Nara= Forest Man) wondered how the fire ablaze on every side was not burning him:

दृश्यते च महाज्वालः करोति न च मे रुजम्।।5.53.35।।

शिशिरस्येव सङ्घातो लाङ्गूलाग्रे प्रतिष्ठितः।

‘This huge flame is not hurting me. It is as though a mass of ice is placed at the end of my tail. (The fire did not torture nor extend beyond the tip of my tail.)

अथवा तदिदं व्यक्तं यद्दृष्टं प्लवता मया।।5.53.36।।

रामप्रभावादाश्चर्यं पर्वत स्सरितां पतौ।

‘It must be due to the power of Rama, by which I found a wonderful mountain emerging from the sea to give me protection while I was crossing the ocean. Now evidently this is due to Rama’s power (that my tail is not burning me).

यदि तावत्समुद्रस्य मैनाकस्य च धीमतः।।5.53.37।।

रामार्थं सम्भ्रमस्तादृक्किमग्निर्न करिष्यति।

‘If the anxiety of the ocean and the wise Mainaka mountain is to serve Rama what is it that the fire cannot do?

सीतायाश्चानृशंस्येन तेजसा राघवस्य च।।5.53.38।।

पितुश्च मम सख्येन न मां दहति पावकः।

‘Because of Sita’s steadfast loyalty, Rama’s power and my father’s friendship with the Fire god, the fire is not burning me.’


More Fire Miracles

Adi Shankara, Tamil poetess Andal, Tamil saint Gnana Sambandar, Tamil saint Vallalar and many more became flames and merged with the God. Great scholar Kumarila Bhatta sat in the middle of a big hill of burning paddy husk and burnt his body slowly . Great Tamil saint Appar alias Tiru Navukarasu was thrown into hot Lime Kiln by the great Pallava King Mahendra Varman (600 CE) but Appar came out without any harm by saying Om Nama Sivaya.

We read  more about snakes refusing to bite, elephants refusing to kill holy men even when ordered by the kings or his attendants.

Saints can control Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Space. They can make Inter Galactic Travel by becoming Light. They beat all that is said by Einstein and Newton. Theory of Relativity and Three Laws of Motion do not work there.


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