Learn Tamil Verbs ( Open, Forget, Fly, Milk)– Tamil Lesson 17 (Post.11,405)


Post No. 11,405

Date uploaded in London – 1 November 2022                  

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Let us continue with more Tamil verbs which are conjugated in the same way. They all belong to same class or they conjugated in the same way.

Lesson 16 was posted on 22nd October 2022 with 8 verbs conjugated in the same way.

We also learnt Imperative Positive and Negative sentences.

Now focus on Past tense.



Thira- Open திற —-அவன் கதவைத் திறந்தான் / Thirnthaan—He opened (the) door.

Articles A An The are not compulsory. Only when we wanted to specify ONE, we used a or an. The is not used

Mara – Forget மற, —-அவள் பாடத்தை மறந்தாள்—Maranthaal-  She forgot the lesson

Para – Flyபற —அது வேகமாகப் பறந்தது – Paranthathu —That flew very fast or quickly

Kara – Extract or milk a cowகற, —-நான் பால் கறந்தேன் — Karanthen–I milked (the cow)

Pira – Born To be born பிற —நீ பிரிட்டனில் பிறந்தாய்—Piranthaay—  You were born in Britain

Mana – Marry someone மண– பஞ்சபாண்டவர்கள் திரவுபதியை மணந்தார்கள்/ Mananthaarkal– Five Pandavas married Draupathi

Suma – Carry, bear சும –ஏசு கிறிஸ்து சிலுவையைச் சுமந்தார் – Sumanthaar- Jesus Christ carried the Cross.

 To be continued………………………….. 

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