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One of the greatest ascetics lived amongst us in recent times is Kanchi Paramacharya (1894-1994). I was fortunate enough to have his Darshan and attend his Sadas at Narayanapuram near Madurai. My father V Santanam was also a great devotee of both Kanchi and Sringeri Shankaracharyas. He bought all the books containing their lectures. Acharya’s Call , Vol.II, published by B G Paul company, Madras has all the  news items published in The Hindu in 1950s. Here is one of the articles about the world’s largest volunteer organisation known as Rashtreeya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

Kanchi Parmaachaarya, addressing the youths of RSS asked everyone to “convert” at least one as a swayamsevak. His lecture was delivered within 35 years of RSS’ founding. His wish came true now which has grown like a banyan tree producing great leaders like Atal Behari Vajpayee and Narendra Modi. Apart from politicians, there were other great people like Guruji Madava Sadasiva Golwalkar, Nanaji Deshmuk, Dattopant Thengadi and Eknath Ranade (of Vivekanda Rock Memorial).

Here is the lecture delivered by Kaanchi Aachaaryaa:


February 23, 1959

(The following is the gist of the message given to the members of RSS at the rally organised by the Sangh to pay their homage to His Holiness, at Sanskrit College, Mylapore)

Each country or Rashtra has its distinctive culture, which is rooted in its religious traditions. There are, both in the East and in the West, Heads of religious organisations who are the custodians of the country’s culture and traditions. For example, His Holiness Pope is the custodian of Catholic traditions. The Caliphate is the institution which symbolises the Islamic traditions.  So far as South India is concerned, there are four main Schools of Hindu religious thought and there are also four main Mutts to represent these denominations. I regard this evening’s function as a homage paid not only to myself, but to Heads of all Mutts, upholding Hindu Dharma and culture.

The Rashtreeya Swayamsevak Sangh is an organisation, owing no allegiance to any political party, but dedicated to service. They render real service. You should uphold Truth and Dharma, on the one hand, and eschew fear on the other. Fearlessness does not mean violence.  The tradition of true fearlessness is found embodied in Anjaneya, Samartha Ramdas (regarded as an incarnation of Anjaneya) and Shivaji. It is a virtue born out of physical prowess, wedded to Ahimsa, which enables one to rush to the succour of the weak and the oppressed, unmindful of personal consequences. This is signified by the expression Kshatra Dharma ( kshataad kila traayate  ithi kshatram). The quality of a Kshatria is rescuing the oppressed.

But unfortunately, we have developed the trait of fearing the bully and oppressing the meek. This is the sign of fear complex. This weakness of the people is found reflected in the government also. If this weakness is to go, and if we are to hold our heads erect and walk as fearless citizens of a free country, we must once again develop kshatra dharma. This implied, the development of individual strength, disciplined unity, and will to resist evil and oppression.  We should bear in mind the maxim, paropakaaram idam sareeram. The human body should be developed to protect and help others. Our strength is not to be utilised to oppress others- to do himsa. Our aim should be the welfare of all- Loka kshemam. If the individuals in society rise to such a high moral stature, the Government of the country will also rise to a similar stature.

You the members of the RSS, must make use of your organisational unity to develop physical and moral strength and to lead a pure life based on the eternal dharma of the land, as expounded by Hindu religion. Let each member try to convert at least one other person to his point of view. In that way let the message of the Sangh spread throughout the land. Let your dedicated service lead to the prosperity of the country and to purity in administration.

Source :- Acharya’s Call, Kanchi Jagatguru’s Madras Discourses, Volume Two, Pages 256/257, B G Paul & Co, Madras, 1968, Price Rs.3-50

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