Learn Tamil Verbs 26 : Adai/Reach/Get/Obtain (Post.11,478)


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One more Tamil verb Adai= reach, Get, Obtain

This Adai is similar to Kadai/Churn, Kudai/

 (but not Udai/break)

அடை– attain, reach, get, obtain ,

குடை– bore, make hole tunnel though

கடை– churn

மகிழ்– feel happy, enjoy,

புகழ்– glorify, praise

இகழ்– ridicule, deride

In noun forms they have different meanings; for instance அடை– lentil pancake, குடை– umbrella. கடை– shop

Some examples for Adai/ Kadai/ Kudai

அவன் காலையில் மதுரையை அடைந்தான்.

Avan kaalaiyil  mathuraiyai adainthaan

He- in the morning – Madurai+I – reached

He reached Madurai in the morning


அவள் ஓட்டப்பந்தயத்தில் வெற்றி அடைந்தாள்

Aval – ottap panthayaththil – vetri— adainthaal

She  – in the running race — victory – attained


தேவர்களும் அசுரர்களும் கடல் கடந்தனர் (கடலைக் கடைந்தனர்)

Devarkalum Asurarkalum Kadal Kadainthanar

Devas and Asuras Sea/ocean Churned

Devas and Asuras churned the ocean


வேலைக்காரன் தயிர் கடைந்தான்

Velaikkaaran Thayir Kadainthaan

Servant Curd Churned

Servant churned the Yoghurt (to make Lassy or butter  milk or to get butter from it)


அவர்கள் மலையைக் குடைந்தனர்

Avargal Malaiyaik Kudainthanar

They hill bored

They bored the hill or made a tunnel.


Same sound; but different conjugation!

With Adai /அடை we have two different verbs. The second meaning is block something, detain/ imprison someone. That is conjugated differently; similar to Udai/ உடை break (We are not looking into it now)


Makiz, Pugaz, Ikaz were seen in the last lesson

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