Britain looted £45 Trillion from India (Post No.11,647)


Post No. 11,647

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 Dadabhai Naoroji was a Parsi scholar  and he was the first Indian MP in Britain. He was a trader and politician. He claimed that between 1835 and 1872 Britain received approximately £13 million worth of goods from India annually, with no corresponding return of money.

 This wealthy drain theory was taken up by Holden Furber, a twentieth century expert on South Asia, who estimated that annual drain from India to Britain was around £1.3 million during the ten years from 1783 to1793. In today’s money it is equal £1.8 billion.

 Aditya Mukerjee,who in 2010, calculated that India was bled anything between 5 to ten percent of her GDP annually for close to two centuries.

 Usha Patnaik, who recently drew on almost two centuries of data on tax and trade and calculated that Britain drained a total of £45 trillion in today’s money from India during the period 1765 to 1938– seventeen times more than the total annual gross domestic product of the United Kingdom today.

 Other scholars calculated how much Britain earned in slave trade. In August 1999, the African World Reparations and Repatriation Truth Commission suggested $777 trillion as a suitable sum for reparations paid as compensation for lives lost during the African slave trade and the gold diamonds and other resources stolen from the continent during the colonisation.


 Battle of Plassey in 1757 defeated the Nawab of Bengal and his French allies. After the battle, which arguably marked the founding of British rule in India, Robert Clive received one of the largest corporate windfalls in history. And ten years later he was worth, by his own calculations £401,102- equivalent to £702 million today. He used this money to buy lot of estates and thousands of acres of land in Shropshire. He named the estate Plassey where he defeated Indians.


Plundered Tippu’s Treasures 

When Tippu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore in South India from 1782 to 1799,was finally defeated by the East India Company after an assault-on Seringapatnam, the city was ravaged by unbridled looting, rape and killing, with Arthur Wellesley, later the first Duke of Wellington and one of the leading political and military figures of nineteenth century Britain who was to serve twice Prime Minister , writing a letter to his mother that scarcely a house in the town was left unplundered, and I understand that in camp jewels of the greatest value, bars of gold etc etc have been offered for sale in the bazaars of the army. When the prize committee assembled what remained of Tippu’s belongings ,they found large amounts of gold plates, jewellery, palanquins, arms and armour, silks and shawls, the Sultan s solid gold throne and an almost life sized wooden semi automaton, depicting a European soldier lying on his back being mauled by a tiger. This item was shipped to London. It is in Victoria and Albert museum now.

 From the book:Empireland by Sathnam Sanghera, Viking publication,2021


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