Interesting Titbits from Valmiki Ramayana (Post No.11,673)


Post No. 11,673

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Sita using old proverb to avoid suicidal thoughts:-

Sundara kanda 5-33- 10/11 (Hanuman says)


न त्वां देवीमहं मन्ये राज्ञ स्सर्वज्ञावधारणात्।

“From your weeping, your sighing and your touching the earth (gods do not touch the earth) and your signs of sovereignty, I do not think you are a goddess (meaning otherwise she possessed divine grace).

व्यञ्जनानि च ते यानि लक्षणानि च लक्षये।।5.33.11।।

महिषी भूमिपालस्य राजकन्या च मे मता।

I do not think you can be a divine creature, for I see you weep, breathe heavily; also that your feet touch ground. I also think that you might be Sita herself because I hear you say Rama, Rama. Certainly I must be right in guess. Then she reveals her identity and at the end days,


V-33-31/32 (Sita speaks)

द्वौ मासौ तेन मे कालो जीवितानुग्रहः कृतः।।5.33.31।।

ऊर्ध्वं द्वाभ्यां तु मासाभ्यां ततस्तक्ष्यामि जीवितम्।

“That awful being has given me two months respite. If during these two months I be not rescued, then the only alternative is for me to take my life.

Then Sita says, slowly making up her mind that this is Hanuman. I have heard of the famous proverb which has come down to us from all time.

V -34-6

Provided only life is granted to us, we need not at anytime give up hope. After a time at least , prosperity must return to everybody. I thought I was not going to live, but now you come here, sent by Sri Rama

कल्याणी बत गाथेयं लौकिकी प्रतिभाति मा।

एति जीवन्तमानन्दो नरं वर्षशतादपि।।5.34.6।।

“The adage that ‘joy comes to a living being even though it be at the end of a hundred years’ is popular. It appears true in my case”.


73 TIMES ‘kaschit

Then to comfort herself , she puts a series of questions to hanuman , all in the style in which in the Ayodhya Kanda Rama puts questions about the kingdom to Bharata in that famous ‘kaschit, kaschit’ repeated 73 times in 76 slokas.

Kaścit (कश्चित्).—ind. Some boby, some one, a certain one:

Sita addresses to hanuman twenty two questions about her husband and Lakshmana and others, then she says

V -36-30/31

“My lord and husband Rama has none on earth so dear as myself.  A dearer person there cannot be, not his mother, not his father, not his brothers, no one. Nor is there one who is of the same degree. I shall live only so long as I hear about him and his movements”.

 The poet cleverly uses Rama four times.

न चास्य माता न पिता च नान्यः स्नेहाद्विशिष्टोऽस्ति मया समो वा।

तावत्त्वहं दूत जिजीविषेयं यावत्प्रवृत्तिं शृणुयां प्रियस्य।।5.36.30।।

इतीव देवी वचनं महार्थं तं वानरेन्द्रं मधुरार्थमुक्त्वा।

श्रोतुं पुनस्तस्य वचोऽभिरामं रामार्थयुक्तं विरराम रामा।।5.36.31।।

Then Hanuman replies in tender slokas. Of course Hanuman makes his gesture always when he addresses Rama or Lakshmana

Shirasya anjalim aadhaaya

Keeping his hands over his head , to do namaste.

–From Lectures on The Ramayana by The Rt. Honourable V S Srinivasa Sastri

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