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Poet Valmiki’s Ramayana is considered Aadhi Kavya; it means the oldest Kavya and Original one. He did not copy any one. It is in beautiful but simple Sanskrit. His one sloka/ couplet in Kishkindaa Kaanda, Fourth Chapter in his Ramayana, shows how clever he is and how he visualises scenes like a film director.

Hindus are banned from showing death scene on stages. Bharata’s Natya Shastra bans all inauspicious things on stage and says death can be hinted by someone crying for the loss of near and dear one. So Indian film directors showed only an oil lamp going off to mean some one is dead. In the same way, Indian censor board don’t allow rape scenes in films. So the film directors show a crushed rose flower or  a withering flower to indicate that someone lost her virginity.

Steven Spielberg showed us the water in the bowl sending ripples with bang, bang noises in the background and then showed us the huge dinosaurs in his 1993 Jurassic Park film. All these people followed the great poet Valmiki.

Before going into his sloka, I would like to tell one more thing about Hindu Shakuna Shastra; it is the book about good and bad omens. One of the omens is twitching eyes or throbbing eyes. If the left eye throbs it is good for women and bad for men.

Here is the scene in Kishkinda kanda of Valmiki Ramyana. Hanuman, minister of Monkey king Sugreeva ,introduced his king Sugreeva to Rama and requested a friendship agreement. Rama agreed to it because Sugreeva was also in same condition like Rama. Like Rama’s wife Sita was abducted by demon king Ravana, Sugreeva’s wife was abducted by his brother Vali.

When the Friendship Treaty was finalised in front of Fire , three left eyes throbbed, says Valmiki. Sita’s, Vali’s and Ravana’s left eyes twitched at the same time. It portends the death of Ravana and vali and release of Sita from Ravana’s Lanka. Because left eye throbbing is good for women.

Had it been our film directors they would have shown all the three people on the same screen and got the appreciation of one and all. But they will never tell anyone where from they stole the idea.

Here is the famous sloka/ couplet:

सीता कपीन्द्रक्षणदाचराणां



वामानि नेत्राणि समं स्फुरन्ति4.5.32।।

सुग्रीवरामप्रणयप्रसङ्गे while Sugriva and Rama were making a friendly alliance, सीताकपीन्द्रक्षणदाचराणाम् Sita’s, Vali’s and also Ravana’s, राजीवहेमज्वलनोपमानि lotuslike and blazing like gold, वामानिनेत्राणि left eyes, समम् equally, स्फुरन्ति throbbed.

While Sugriva was making a friendly alliance with Rama, Sita’s left eye, like lotus, Vali’s left eye glittering like gold and Ravana’s left eye blazing (like fire) twitched at the same time for a moment (Twitching of left eye is considered auspicious to a woman and ominous to a man).


Throbbing Eye or Eye Twitching

Four years ago I wrote an article here,s howing how Sangam Tamil poets also copied  Kalidasa and Valmiki in this matter. The belief is same from Kashmir to Kanyakumari  in India. Though Greeks, Shakespeare and Jonathan swift also talked about eye ‘itching ‘and the bad bad news that followed. they were slightly different in this matter because hey did not say ‘twitching’ . But Sangam Tamil poets approached it in the same way as their counter parts in the North.

Here is the link for my old article:

eye twitching | Tamil and Vedas

https://tamilandvedas.com › tag › eye-twitching

14 Oct 2018 — In Other places Kalidasa shows that the throbbing or twitching of right shoulder or right eye is good for men (Raghu vamsa 6-68, …


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