BBC’s Hidden Agenda Exposed (Post No.11,726)


Post No. 11,726

Date uploaded in London – –  29 JANUARY 2023                  

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Over 200 patriotic Indians gathered in front of the BBC Broadcasting House in Central London today (Sunday 29-1-23) to protest its interference in India. The documentary about Modi shown by the BBC has its own hidden agenda. Under the umbrella of the BBC, Christian organisations, NATO hawks, Human Rights Organisations, Hiding Financial Frauds and criminals in London and supporters of Indian opposition parties want to finish Modi before 2024 election. If they fail to finish Modi through the attacks of Muslims and Muslim countries, they want at least the defeat of Modi in 2024 General Elections.

The purpose the BBC documentary is to create bloodshed in India. They are very notorious in dividing Diana and Charles by their fake BBC documentary. Now they have paid millions as compensation. BBC is already accused of more interested in the bottom of the (female) broadcaster than the part above. A famous BBC broadcaster said the organisation is more interested in figure than the brain, in this way.

Modi stopped foreign funding of all Christian Organisations and so they are angry. Christian priests were leading a life of luxury like Lords. Now they are affected. Human Right Organisations are supported by all the Anti Hindus around the world. Their funding was also stopped by Modi government. So, they are fuming.

Financial criminals took refuge in Britain by giving their Swiss Bank keys to political parties in Western countries. NATO war mongers are against India because India is not opposing Russia.

BBC knows very well that it has its own boot lickers in India. Even Marxists are now supporting the BBC, leave alone the Muslims.


What happened today in London?

I saw over 200 men and women and teenagers shouting slogans and holding placards; I could hear

Ban Ban BBC

BBC Murdabad

Shame on BBC

Boycott BBC

Apart from these, Vandemataram, Bharat Mata ki Jai, Jai Hind, Modi Modi Modi reverberated the streets of central London. Two persons came with conches and blew them like the Pachajanya of Lord Krishna.

One person was holding a very good board asking WHAT IS YOUR HIDDEN AGENDA BBC?

Another had a board saying,

Heating an eating expenses are increasing in the UK. NHS is not functioning efficiently. Long queues are in front of food banks in London. Look at these first. Why do you worry about India?

Most of them had badges pinned on to their jackets criticising the BBC.

In spite of Train line closures to day 200 people gathered which means 200,000 people expressed their opinion against the BBC.

Patriotic people knew Prime Minster Indira Gandhi banned the BBC. Another Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi cancelled the visit of his senior minister when the BBC showed the toilets in Dharavi slum of Mumbai saying that India was a toilet.

So all patriotic citizens knew the mischiefs of the BBC. The BBC won’t stop here. They will try level best to destroy Hindus and Hinduism. Now Indians are given a touch stone.

Whoever supports BBC are Anti Hindus, Anti India and Anti Supreme Court of India. There is another touchstone. The Press which gives too much publicity to the Anti Hindu rowdies in the universities are scoundrels.

The heartening thing is that the mood of the nation survey in India predicted a landslide victory for Modi. It is really slap on the face of the BBC.

Conversion maniacs and NATO hawks will join the BBC to launch more attacks on Hindus. Patriots must be ready to face them.

From the days of the Rig Veda, Devas are fighting against demons like the BBC and always winning. God is on the side of Truth.

Bharat Mata ki jai.


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