Andal’s Golden Sayings from Tiruppavai (Post No.11,732)


Post No. 11,732

Date uploaded in London – –  31 JANUARY 2023                  

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February 2023 Good Thoughts Calendar

This month Our Good Thoughts Calendar contains 28 quotations from Tamil Poetess Andal’s hymn Tiruppavai

Festival Days- 4/5 Thai  Poosam ; 5- Jothi Darsanam in Vadalur; 18- Maha Shivaratri ;  21 Sri Ramakrishna Jayanthi ; 26 Sri Raghavendra Jayanthi

Full Moon Day -5; New Moon Day -20; Ekadasi Fasting Days – 1, 16

Auspicious Days- 3, 10, 12, 19, 23, 24


(Pronunciation Guide: Andal= aandaal; Tiruppavai= Thiruppaavai)

February 1 Wednesday

Maarkazi Month Full Moon Day

Yadava Girls, Let us go and bathe (verse 1)


February 2 Thursday

And who has face sunny bright, pleasant as moon

It’s  only that Narayana will grant us desire soon

Let us join with the world in praising his glory, Girls    (1)


February 3 Friday

we fast, forsake milk and ghee,  and bathe early,

not decorate ourselves with eyeliner or flowers

not do inappropriate acts, nor gossip

Will give charity, give alms and be good to the saints

think noble thoughts to attain salvation, my girls  (2)


February 4 Saturday

If we sing the glory of one who has measured the earth with his long steps and if we bathe our Paavai deity there will be rain thrice a month- verse 3


February 5 Sunday

Brook no delay, force a cloudburst

Pour down as would darts from Saaranga, lash

To facilitate life on earth bright- 4


February 6 Monday

The sins committed deliberate or inadvertent

In the past, present and future entire

Shall be burnt a refuse in bonfire -5


February 7 Tuesday

Poison he sucked from devil’s breast

Kicked deftly the treacherous cart, to a shatter

On the serpent alighted in ocean had set sleeping

Kept this seed in mind, monks and Yogis

Arise gently and Hari they mumble-6


February 8 Wednesday

Him who had split snout of the devil

Killed wrestlers and quelled

He shall hearken our welfare and spell-8


February 9 Thursday

Of yore consigned Kumbakarna to death

Has that demon, lost in contest peak

Handed the grand sleep unto thee —10


February 10 Friday

Shalt arise now the very least

What a grand sleep thou acquiesce

Residents all aware and muse – 12


February 11 Saturday

Venus ascended and Jupiter had slept sunk

Birds too clanged behold, belle gild—13


February 12 Sunday

We will sing the elusive

Who had crushed the tusker mighty massive

And shattered hostile —- 15


February 13 Monday

Guard of the entrance with flag staff ostensive

And festoon suspended across

Open latch of jewel studded door —16


February 14 Tuesday

Grown piercing the cosmos. Thou had meted this earth

King of angels. Thou shalt arise—-17


February 15 Wednesday

Nappinnai! Thy hair perfume fragrant , door thou open—18


February 16 Thursday

Move ahead of thirty three celestial beings

Thou forestall tremor, vanguard, mighty awake —-20


February 17 Friday

Present us thy groom

Fan circular and optics

And bathe us right now we derelicts

In his ocean compassion, thou mediatrix—20


February 18 Saturday (Shiva ratri day)

In vessels receptacle filled to brim , grand donor cows

Issue incessant flow of milk to counter flow—21


February 19 Sunday

Beneath thy bedside have we gathered

As kings on this large handsome Earth

Would crowd around, sans ego -22


February 20 Monday

If thou glimpse with eyes two beautiful

By little and little on us tarnished

Sin and curse will vanish—22


February 21 Tuesday

As would a fierce lion in a mountain den

Stay along in winter, lie asleep gang with

Enlightened, open eye, emit fire, mane erect

Stretch in all direction, Oh Bilberry hued

Thou shalt roar.—23


February 22 Wednesday

All hail, Thy glory kicked the wheel to ruins

All hail, Thy foot the calf, as a throw stick tossed

All hail, Thy generosity held the hillock an umbrella—24


February 23 Thursday

We have come unto Thee beseeching

To solicit wealth which patroness would covet

If Thou would st grant us the desire

We would sing Thy bravery, ridding grief entire —-25


February 24 Friday

Thou shalt grant us huge conches, milky white

When trumpeted shall bring

The entire earth to shudder severe

Much alike Thy Panchajanya—26


February 25 Saturday

Cooked milk rice delicious

Steeped in ghee poured off copious

Which flows down the elbow—27


February 26 Sunday

We girls ignorant and forlorn

Addressed Thee in unbecoming names

Let Thou not hiss! Lo! Master

Bless us —-28


February 27 Monday

Forever seven and seven more births

Related to Thy bond will we be near-29


February 28 Tuesday

Whoever reminisces this legacy in thirty Tamil hymns

In commune, hither in this manner without fail

Shall get the blessings of Thirummal.

And shall remain delighted —verse 30


Translated by Dr Chenni Padmanabhan ; used with my few inputs. 

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