Snake Wonders of Tamil Nadu (Post No.11,782)

Parrot sitting at top (Please enlarge it to see), Tirumeeyachur


Post No. 11,782

Date uploaded in London – –  8 MARCH 2023                  

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8.3 feet long snake skin on Shivalinga found on 16-5-2002

7.5 foot long snake skin found on 21-5-2002 at goddess shrine

snake skin is framed and kept in the shrine

I visited over 40 Temples, Ashrams and Adhistanams (Samadhis) during my February 2023 India Trip. Of the 40++ places some are remarkable for their architecture , statues and miracles. I have written in detail in Tamil. I will just list only the miracles here.

Around Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu, we have Nava Graha temples. I visited Tirupaampuram (Tiru+ Paampu+ Puram= Mr Snake Town). It is famous for Rahu and Ketu (Chaayaa Grahas= Shadows of Earth and Moon). Sanskrit word Graha means celestial objects with Gravity. English words Gravity, Grip, Grab etc came from Graha in Sanskrit. So it is not Nine “Planets”. It is Nine “celestial objects” with Gravitational Power.


In Tiru Pampuram, we see Rahu and Ketu in special sanctum sanctorum. Siva is the main deity. All Hindu Gods and Goddesses are associated with SNAKES. English words Snake and Serpent are Sanskrit words (S+naaka=Snake; Sarppa= Serpent)

In Tiru Paampuram, Shiva Sannidhi (Sanctum sanctorum= Graba Graha) has two Pictures framed with glass. One shows the snake skin 8 foot long that was found in the Goddess Shrine. Another was found on Shiva Linga as garland in 2002. Both are displayed there.

Hindus look at snakes from two different angles. When Shiva wears it as his belt or garland, it means He controls all the Five senses like a Yogi/ saint. So the Five headed Snakes found in sculptures and Thevaram hymns represent Five Senses. If one controls them or channelise them one becomes a saint.

From another angle Snake represents Kundalini Power. Westerners do not know the A B C D of such a mighty power. If one can raise it from the bottom of mental body to the top, one gets liberation (from the cycle of birth and death); Half way through the body, one gets miraculous powers. This will distract many and push them downwards in life. That is why we see many BABAS in jails today.

Snake Towns from Kashmir to Kanyakumari

To teach proper Hinduism, our forefathers constructed SNAKE TEMPLES from Kashmir o Kanyakumari. We see

it in Ananta Nag (snake) district of Kashmir where we have Sesha Nag ( snake) lake and Nagerkoil in Tamil Nadu very near the land’s southern most tip. In between, we see thousands of SNAKE TOWNS in India- from Nagpur in Maharashtra to Nagoor in Tamil Nadu.

I visited three Snake Temples during this Indian Visit. One of them is above mentioned Tiru Paampu Puram = Holy Snake Town or Mr Snake god Town.

You will see huge snake statues erected at the back of the temple. The reason is Hindus associate Snake and Child birth. If one has killed a snake in one’s previous birth, he or she may not have a child in the next birth. So astrologers advise them to go to Snake Temples (Rahu and Ketu Grahas) and pacify the snakes with Pujas and other rituals.


 I went to another snake temple Tiru Naeswaram ( Holy or Mr Snake God Town). Here Rahu  Graha (shadow Planet which cause Grahanas/eclipses by its shadow. It is believed even the milk that was poured on the statue becomes blue. The blue colour represents poison.


In Kumbakonam, we have another Shiva temple named Nageswarar Temple. Nageswarar is Shiva with snake as belt or garland. One of the famous 12 Jyotir Lingas also has this name Nagesam.

Kumbakonam temple has an architectural wonder. There we see the Nataraja Mandapa designed as a SUN CHARIOT. One will be reminded of such Sun Chariots in Konark and Hampi. Four elephants and two horses pull that enormous chariot where Goddess Sivakami (consort of Nataraja/ Shiva) plays rhythmic beats and Lord Vishnu play music on his flute.

Kumbakonam Nageswaraar Temple Stone Chariot (This picture is used from another blog; thanks)


All these SHIVA temples are portrayed in Thevaram Hymns. That means they are at least 1500 years old.


Tirumeeyachur Goddess Temple

In between Snake Temples we made it a point to visit Lalithaambikai Temple at Tiru Meeyachur. There we saw the beautiful goddess Lalitha Ambikai. This temple is famous because devotees believe that Lalithaa Sahasra Naamam (1000 name of Goddess) originated here. Hayagreeva ( neck as long as of a Horse) gave the 1000 names to Saint Agastya. Today millions of women recite this hymn everyday.

We saw some unusual things there. It is a Shiva temple. Goddesss’ right leg is folded, and left leg is left downward. Devotees offer bangles and sliver or gold anklets as offerings in the temple for fulfilling their vows. 11 or eleven and a half inch long anklet (Kolusu in Tamil) is accepted when it is brought with a proper tax paid receipt. Around Rs 4000 will be the fees for Abhisheka (bathing) and Prasad in Anklet Puja. Three-day advance notice is required for such a ritual. It will be done in the morning for 3 to 4 hours. We got some glass bangles as Prasad.


After we had the Darshan (Viewing of God) of Shiva we circumambulated the Prakara/ corridor. The priest in the Shiva shrine came running towards us and pointed out a parrot sitting at the mini tower of the shrine (Vimaanam in Sanskrit). He told us that it is a good and auspicious sign to see the sitting parrot which whispers the messages at the ear of Gods in the temple. He advised us to think about all the good things in the world so that they will be fulfilled by the Goddess Lalitha. Whether one believes in such miracles or not, thinking of Good things and praying for them is a positive sign. We did it as we are told.

—- subham—-

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