How did Two Japanese Cities escape from American Atom bombs? (Post No.11,889)


Post No. 11,889

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America dropped two atom bombs on two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki and killed lot of Buddhists in a fraction of a second. It happened on 6th and 9 th of August 1945. An uranium bomb was dropped on Hiroshima  ,but a plutonium bomb was dropped on Nagasaki that killed 70,000 people and injured 100,000 people. This bomb was named Fatman. Hiroshima atom bomb was named Little boy.

Following Nagasaki, a second plutonium bomb was to be dropped on a town called Kumagaya on 11th August, 1945. But the bomb was not quite ready and so America used 6000 tons of conventional bombs and destroyed the city.

Actually America planned to drop a plutonium bomb on a city called Kokura. Because it was obscured by clouds, the bomber went on to its backup target, Nagasaki, where there were the Mitsubishi shipyards and torpedo works. Sadly the bomb fell a few miles north of the intended target and exploded over the city’s main Christian  church , wiping out the largest Christian community in Japan.

Over the years, western countries have produced more than 1000 tons of plutonium. When the Cold war between Russia and America was over, there were 65,000 nuclear bombs. Now they are dismantled but disposing of the radio actives has become a big problem.

One gram of plutonium used in a conventional reactor has the potential to release as much energy as a tonne of oil. Scientists have been using them in space probes. Plutonium 238 is used in heart pacemakers.

Over the years there have been about 550 atmospheric nuclear explosions.

In USA, the plutonium salvaged from the unwanted atomic bombs is melted into glass logs as plutonium oxide and buried in Nevada s Yucada mountains. They believe once they are buried 4 kilometres deep down the earth it will be safe for 30 million years.

Plutonium oxide occupies 40% more volume than plutonium metal. In the past scientists did not take it in to account. Fortunately, a disaster was averted just before the bursting of the container. Had the process gone on much longer then the expanding plutonium oxide would have ruptured the ouster canister and contaminated the whole storage facility.

banned American Stamp

In spite of several restrictions placed by the international atomic energy commission, countries like Iran and North Korea are causing great concern about nuclear safety. There is every possibility that the Third World War will experience nuclear explosions.


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