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Post No. 8241

Date uploaded in London – 25 June 2020       

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1. – 6 letters- god of creation; if you continue with No 4 (down) you will get the name of a river in Assam

5. – 6– Telegu speaking area in South India mentioned in Vedic literature

8. – lake; holy lakes have this suffix

9. –  5—books detailing temple rituals; Saivites has 28 of them

10.– 7— gem; always go with Nava/9

11. – 5—depth, chasm, abyss; usually around fort


1. – -8 letters- name of a great mathematician and a satellite is named after him; not Aryabhatta

2. – 6–egg in Sanskrit

3.– 8– devotional music by a great woman of Rajasthan

4.– 5—means son; joined with No.1 (across) It means a big river coming via china into India

6. – 4– A Bhija mantra with H as the first letter

7.  – 5- mystical weapon in Hindu epics; With Brahma as suffix it is the most dangerous weapon equal to nuclear bomb