1.Audi 2. Blockbusters 3.Renault 4.chiquita 5.TGI Fridays 6.KFC 7.Shell

8.AOL 9. Vodafone  10. Kodak  11.Nike 12.Tetleys 13.Citron 14.Mc Donald’s

15.Post Office 16.British Airways 17. Apple  18.Walkers  19. Microsoft Windows



Yesterday’s Post (with 2 pages of pictures):

By London Swaminathan

Are you a good observer? Can you guess who these Logos belong to? You may see them every day. But remembering them at one go is a problem. If you are good at companies and cars, you will name them easily. Answers will be published tomorrow. But I am pretty sure if each one of you names a few, you will complete it. To enlarge the picture, please zoom in or click on the picture. All the logos are numbered. There are two pages with a total of 20 logos.

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