Bhartruhari Notes- Part 4 (Post No.7296)

Written by London Swaminathan

Date: 3 DECEMBER 2019

 Time in London – 20-48

Post No. 7296

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Verse 53
Solar and Lunar eclipse
Rahu revenging on a chosen pair at fixed time. He effects eclipse of the luminous Lords of night and day.

Eclipse and Rahu are in Tamil literature as well.

Verse 54
Ornament for the ear is not Kundala, but Vedas
Ornament for the hand is not Kankan, but doing charity
Ornament for the body is not sandal paste, but good deeds.

Verse 55
Chemistry of a Poet
Victorious are the favoured master Poets
Skilled in the sentiments alchemy
In their body of fame they feel
No threat of old age, death and rebirth

Verse 56
There is a Tamil proverb
Even if milk runs like a river, a dog will only drink it by licking.
B says,
Perceive that a jug draws its measure
Of water from a well or from the sea

Dog and Elephant- Who commands respect?

Verse 57
Look at the world
The dog is obedient, wags its tail and eats and grateful for ever, but people treat it without respect;
The elephant is arrogant, eats carelessly, but people praise it and give respect.

Compare this with Bhagavad Gita (5-18) sloka where Krishna says Pandithah samadarsinah. The scholars look at la earned Brahmin, a dog, an elephant, an outcast with an equal eye.

Verse 58
It is about taxation
Through out India kings adopted same taxation laws,i.e. one sixth of the income is paid to the king. Here B uses cow and calf simile.

In Sangam Tamil literature, in a Purananuru (184) verse, poet says if an elephant is fed grains in the proper way it will come for a long time. But if the elephant is allowed into the field for food grains, everything will be damaged. In the same way a king must tax his people little by little.

B says
King, if you wish to milk your realm like a cow, first nourish the world as you would a calf. When it is nurtured with constant care , a kingdom yields fruits like a wish granting vine , Kalpalatha.

Verse 65
It is about Suryakanta stone, magnifying glass. Several poets including Tirumular  in Tamil use this simile.

Verse 67
It is difficult to correct bad people.
You can’t straighten the tail of a dog, says Tamils.
B says
Trying to correct the bad people is like trying to sweeten the ocean with a drop of honey;
Trying to tie the elephant with lotus stems;
Trying to polish the diamond with a flower.

Verse 68
B says
The silence of fools serves to adorn them.
We see this maxim in all Indian literature

Verse 90

Through out Tamil and Sanskrit literature we see same descriptions of women’s beauty. The similes are unique to Indian literature.

B says
A face to rival the moon,
Eyes that make mockery of lotuses
Complexion eclipting God’s lustre
Thick tresses that shame the black bee
Breast s like elephants swelling losses
Heavy hips,
A voice enchanting and soft
The adornments in maidens is natural.

(If I have to give comparisons, I have to quote from 1000 books.)

Homeopathy Principle

Verse 91
Women is compared to poison and ambrosia by B.
It is the basis of homeopathy.
The germs which gives you the disease is the medicine
The amorous looks of a beauty causes mental disturbance, but the medicine is not outside. She is the cure as well.
Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar also uses this in Tirukkural 1091, 1102

“Her eyes painted black, has two glances; one pains me; the other heals that pain”-1091

“The medicine for a disease is always something different from it : but for the disease caused by this beautiful maid, she herself is the cure”.1102 of Tirukkural

This Homeopathy principle is in the Achamanam or sipping of water done by Hindus whenever they visit different towns. First, they take in small quantity of  water Three times from the temple tank or the village well by repeating God’s names. They won’t get any disease from that particular water. Since they take the germs or poison in  minute quantities it would save them from attacks from those germs. Likeness cures lLkeness is the dictum.