Pleasure goes with Pain


Compiled by London swaminathan

Date : 30th July 2015

Post No. 2029

Time uploaded in London : 18-57

A man was passing on the road when he saw a blind man. He wanted to take the blind man for dinner. But as he had to go in a hurry, he told the blind man to his house and have dinner with him. He gave him the address. He went to his wife and asked her to have one more meal prepared as he had invited a blind man for dinner. His wife replied she would prepare two extra meals. When asked why she was preparing meals for two instead of one, she said “the blind man will not come alone, he will be led by another.”

The story can be interpreted at two levels. Women are more intelligent and practical as far as the home affairs are concerned. Men do not think that way. They look at it superficially. They don’t even think about the provisions required for more people. They simply act without thinking.

Another interpretation is philosophical as Swami Ramdas says, “The illustration is to show that the worldly happiness does not come to us alone but is always mixed with sorrow. The objects of the senses cannot give us unmixed happiness; this is the experience of every one of us. We must, therefore, rise above the pairs of opposites and going deep into the heart, discover the eternal source of joy within and behold the whole universe as Divine, ever filled with light, joy and peace.”