Cheerfulness Anecdotes (Post No.3854)

Compiled by London swaminathan

Date: 26 APRIL 2017

Time uploaded in London:- 20-05

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Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks.




Cheerfulness and Philosopher


When they reached Bolt Court, Edwards said to Dr Samuel Johnson,

“You are a philosopher, Dr Johnson. I have tried too, in my time, to be a philosopher; but I don’t know how, cheerfulness was always breaking in.


Dealing with Inevitable!

“Uncle Joe, said Albert Edward Wiggam , the author, meeting an old Negro who was always cheerful in spite of having had more than his share of life’s troubles,

“How have you managed to remain so cheerful and calm?”

“Well, I will tell you, replied uncle joe. I have just learned to cooperate with the inevitable.”




Dying Easier

When Thomas Hart Benton’s house in Washington was burned Benton left Congress and came to the ruin of his house. As he looked at it,he said, “It makes dying easier. There is so much less to leave.”


Conscience Anecdotes 

There is a tradition to the effect that Noel Coward once sent identical notes to the twenty most prominent men in London, saying,

“All is discovered. Escape while you can.

All twenty abruptly left the town”.



Many Consciences

To a friend who defended the behaviour of his upper chamber saying

“At least you find consciences there. Talleyrand replied.

Ah, yes, many, many consciences.  Semonville, for example, has at least two”.




Carelessness Anecdote

Hey wood Brown was noted for the general carelessness and disarray of his dress and personal appearance. One story has it, that on the occasion when Broun and a number of other war correspondents were presented to General Pershing, the general eyed the journalist with some concern and said, “Have you fallen down, Mr Broun?”