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Date:20 October 2017


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In a lecture on missions delivered in the nave of Westminster Abbey on December 3, 1873, Max Muller declares that “Brahmanism as a religion cannot stand the light of the day. The worship of Shiva, of Vishnu and of other popular deities, is of the same, nay, in many cases of a more degraded and savage character than the worship of Jupiter, Apollo and Minerva; it belongs to a stratum of thought which is long buried beneath our feet; it may live on, like the lion and tiger, but the mere air of free thought  and civilised life will extinguish it……..

“It is true that there are millions of women, men and children in India who fall down before the stone images of Vishnu with his four hands, riding on a creature half bird, half man or sleeping on a serpent; who worship Shiva, a monster with three eyes, riding naked on a bull, with a necklace of skulls for his ornament. There are human beings who still believe in a god of War, Kartikeya, with six faces, riding on a peacock, and holding bow and arrow in his hands, and who invoke a god of Success, Ganesha with four hands and an elephant’s head, sitting on a rat. Nay, it is true that in the broad day light of the Nineteenth century, the figure of the goddess Kali carried through the streets of her own city, Calcutta, her wild dishevelled hair reaching to her feet, with a necklace of human heads, her tongue protruded from her mouth, her girdle stained with blood. all this true; but ask any Hindu who can read, write and think, whether these are the gods he believes in and he will smile at your credulity. How long this living death of national religion in India may last no one can tell.”


Sir Monier Williams says of Brahmanism: “Its policy being to check the development of intellect, and to keep the inferior castes in perpetual childhood, it encouraged an appetite for exaggeration more monstrous and more absurd than would be tolerate in the most extravagant European fairy tales. The more improbable the statement, the more childish delight it was calculated to awaken. Time is measured by millions of years; space by millions of miles; and if a battle is to be described, nothing is thought of unless millions of soldiers, elephants, and horses are brought into the field.”



Lord Macaulay similarly says, “The Brahminical mythology is so absurd that it necessarily debases every mind that receives it as truth”.


Source: The Gods of India, Rev. E. Osborn Martin, London, 1914





Written by London Swaminathan


Date: 25 September 2017


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I Have earlier shown in my articles that Max Muller was like a poisonous snake with a split tongue; he would blow hot and cold; he would praise the Vedas whenever he wanted to identify himself with the Aryans “who travelled from Germany to India” to establish that nobody lived in India and any foreigner could occupy it like the British.  At other times he dubbed the Vedas as childish blabbers, pastoral, ridiculous and the Aryan people were nomads.


This he did for two reasons. He got a collie from the East India Company to say so and the Oxford professorship has a condition that they should show to the world that Christianity is the only civilized religion. In fact, all the Sanskrit professors appointed under a chair in Oxford fall under this category. That is what they were paid for. In simple language, coolies. For money, they would do anything.


Here is more proof to show the true colures of Prof. Max Muller. He was a poisonous snake and along with Bishop Caldwell and other foreigners they coined a new term ‘Aryan race’. Neither the Tamil Sangam literature nor the Vedas has that racial connotation for ‘Arya’.

Subrahmanya Bharati, the greatest Tamil poet of modern times used the word ARYA in scores of places in his poems with the correct meaning: civilized, cultured, who recites Mantras in Sanskrit at the foot hills of the Himalayas. Bharati deliberately used the word ARYAN and deliberately avoided the word Dravidian in his poems. Probably to give a slap on the faces of Caldwells and Max Mullers and such cunning dirty fellows.


Max Muller describes the conclusion arrived at by intelligent Indians: “The friends of Rammohan Roy, honest and fearless as they have always proved themselves to be, sent some young scholars to Benares to study the Vedas and to report on their contents. As soon as their report was received, Debendranath Tagore, the Head of the Brahma Samaj, said at once that, venerable as the Vedas might be as relics of a former age, they contained so much that was CHILDISH, ERRONEOUS and impossible as to make their descent from a divine source utterly untenable” (another group of collies).

(Biographical essays pp 163, 169)


Prof. Max Muller has spent many years, editing the Rig Veda, with commentary of Sayana (MM must be the biggest fraud in the field. He did not translate Sayana’s. Because Sayana never said that there was a race called Aryan and they came from Europe).


Max Muller says the following in his “Preface to the Sacred Books of the east”:-

“Scholars also who have devoted their life either to the editing of the original texts or to the careful interpretation of some of the sacred books, are more inclined, after they have disinterred from a HEAP OF RUBBISH some solitary fragments of pure gold, to exhibit these treasures only than to display all the REFUSE from which they have to extract them. I do not blame them for this, perhaps I should feel that I was open to the same blame myself, for it is but natural that the scholars in their joy at finding ONE or TWO fragrant fruits or flowers should gladly forget the BRAMBLES and THORNS that had to be thrown aside in the course of their search”.



In his Lecture on the Vedas he expresses the following opinion of the hymns:-

“ The historical importance of the Veda can hardly be exaggerated but its intrinsic merit, and particularly the beauty or elevation of its sentiments, have by many been rated far too high. LARGE NUMBER OF THE VEDIC HYMNS ARECHILDISH IN THE EXTREME: TEDIOUS, LOW, COMMON-PLACE. The gods are constantly invoked to protect their worshippers to grant them food, large flocks, large families and a long life; for all which benefits they are to be rewarded by the praises and sacrifices offered day after day, or certain seasons of the year. But hidden in this RUBBISH there are precious stones.


“ I remind you again that the Veda contains a great deal of what is CHILDISH and FOOLISH, though very little of what is bad and objectionable. Some of its poets ascribe to the gods sentiments and passions unworthy of the deity such as anger, revenge, delight in material sacrifices; they likewise represent human nature on a low level of SELFISHNESS and WORDLINESS. Many hymns are utterly UNMEANING and INSIPID and we must search patiently before we meet, here and there, with sentiments that come from

the depth of the soul, and with prayers in which we could join ourselves.”


(Sayana never expressed such an opinion. Tamil Sangam literature praised the Vedas sky high. For two thousand years Tamil devotional poets praised them. Tamils translated he word Veda as ‘secret’. because they knew literal meaning should not be looked at.)

Western fellows never talk about other or their religious books. If Vedas are rubbish there more rubbish in their very short books!


Not even Buddha, not even Mahavira criticised the Vedas.  They praised Indra. They criticised only doing Yagas without understanding the meaning or purpose. Oldest Tamil book  Tolkappiam said that INDRA, VARUNA, VISHNU and DURGA are Tamil gods


When all other old religions died and their gods gone into museums, Hinduism is still a vibrant religion and Vedic Gods are worshipped every day. How and Why?


If there is so much RUBBISH in the Vedas, why did MM spend 60 years in Vedic studies and publish 51 Volumes of Sacred Books of the East? Was he a fraud or a faithful collie and did all these things for money to belittle Hinduism? Because of his Aryan Race theory, Hitler picked up Arya and Swastika and killed millions. Because of this America killed one million innocent Buddhists and Shintoism followers by throwing atom bombs on their heads. They never nuked a Jew or a Muslim or a Christian.

Caldwell says: “If any person reads the hymns of the Vedas for the first time, he will be struck with surprise at the utterly WORLDLY, UNETHICAL, UNSPIRITUAL tone by which they are generally pervaded.”

MM did another fraud by praising Dyaus Pita and comparing him with European gods and dubbing it as he oldest God. he never proved it. He never proved that those hymns in the Rig Vedas as the oldest portions. No scholar in the world proved it. Most of the things said by one idiot is repeated by other idiots. Because all of them belong to the same bandwagon.

Readers can pass a judgement on MM and his bed mates.