SWAMI’S CROSS WORD 14519 (Post No.6387)



Date: 14 May 2019

British Summer Time uploaded in London –  15-44

Post No. 6387

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1. (7 letters) Born as Devavrata made a terrific vow and got this name.

4. S (5) expanding, blowing

6. (6) one of the 6 countries of ancient Bharat

7. (5) Shakuntala’s foster father

8. (5) Rajasthan city with King Prithiviraj ‘s statue; Ajaya Meru/ invincible Hill was the original name in Sanskrit


1. – (5 letters)strongest Pandava; he killed Duryodhana

2. I- (5)Great king who gave his flesh when Indra and Agni came to test him in the form of Eagle and Dove.

3. –(7) indestructible, inexhaustible (Draupadi had a vessel with this name)

4. (6)- Vehicle; every Tamil Nadu temple has this for Gods

5. -(6) work; used in all Indian languages; done by Kara/hand; root Kuru