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Article written by London swaminathan


Date: 10 June 2016


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The earth is supported by seven types of people or virtues; without their support earth won’t be in its orbit!


The seven pillars are:


2.Brahmins (those who recite Vedas)


  1. Chaste women

5.Those who speak truth


7.Those who are not greedy


Gobiirvipraisca vedaisca satiibih satyavadibih

Alubdhaidaanasiilaisca saptabirdhaaryate mahii


Without cow’s milk it is difficult to survive. No other animal milk can replace cow’s milk. This is the closest to mother’s milk. Brahmins mean the learned people in modern interpreting. Vedas are eternal truths that floats in the air and it is heard by the saints. Other four don’t need any explanation. We knew how greedy people caused world wars. Dishonesty and characterlessness will result in utter chaos.


Tamil Purananuru


Ancient Sangam Tamil literature has also a similar verse:

A Pandya King by name Ilamperuvazuthi says: The world exists because of selfless people. They wont take it alone even if they get Amrita/ ambrosia from Lord Indra. They will do anything that brings fame; they would not do any bad things even if they will get the entire earth; they never sit idle. They fear to do what good people fear to do. They are great because they are not selfish; they always work for others welfare. The world is in its place because of them – Puram verse 182.


Why doesn’t the earth fall down?


Ancient lore

If we ask the question Why doesn’t the earth fall down to a science student, s/he will say that it is gravity that makes the earth to stand in its orbit.


Had we asked the ancient Greeks, they would have said that it was Atlas who bears the world. Atlas was the brother of Prometheus, a king of the island nation of Atlantis. When the army of Titans was defeated in a battle, Atlas was condemned to carry the heaven and Earth on his shoulder.


In ancient Chinese cosmology we find mention of the primordial Ao, a sea turtle of cosmic dimensions; it carries the world on its back. Mayans believed that there were four pillar trees on four corners of the earth and they were made up of Ceiba trees.


Hindus thought that the earth is on the head of a Big snake called Adi Sesha. They also believed that eight elephants known as Asta Dig Gajas in the eight directions support the earth.

ashta dik gaja

We may not believe all the above mythological explanations, but all of us will agree that virtues and virtuous people maintain order on earth. If we are led by the selfish, dishonest and greedy leaders we will face another world war.