My Great grandfather was a Baboon! Dumas outburst! (Post No.5497)

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Family and Children Anecdotes 

The elder Dumas (Alexander Dumas) was once interviewed by an enterprising reporter, who, like many other admirers of the novelist, was curious about his ancestry.
Is it true that you are a quadroon Mr Dumas? He asked.

I am, sir, Mr Dumas replied .
So your father….?
Was a mulatto
And your grandfather?
Was a negro.
Dumas patience was running out but the reporter was a bold man and continued,
May I inquire who your great grandfather was?
A baboon, sir! Thundered Dumas .
A baboon! My ancestry begins where your ends!




  • a person who is one-quarter black by descent.





  • a person of mixed white and black ancestry, especially a person with one white and one black parent.




  • a member of a dark-skinned group of peoples originally native to Africa south of the Sahara.


  • relating to black people.




  • a large Old World ground-dwelling monkey with a long doglike snout, large teeth, and naked callosities on the buttocks. Baboons are social animals and live in troops.



Marrk Twain’s Ancestors

The story is told that Mark Twain was once a guest of an English man who took him, with some pride, into a manorial hall hung with a huge tapestry depicting the King Charles the First. The host placed his fingers with great pride upon the figure of one of the obscure clerks of the court and said ‘ An ancestor of mine ‘.
Twain, always offended by such ostentation, casually put his finger upon one of the judges seated on the tribunal and remarked,
An ancestor of mine but it is no matter , I have others.


May Flower Ship

To a man who had proudly said,
My ancestors came over in the Mayflower, Will Rogers retorted,
My ancestors were waiting on the beach


Mark Twain, whenever confronted by people who were haughty about their ancestry, was fond of saying,
My grand father was cut down in the prime of his life. My grandmother always used to say that if he had been cut down fifteen minutes earlier, he could have been resuscitated.


Two Irishmen

Children Anecdotes
Two Irish men were discussing their families. One was boasting about his seven sons, that he had never had any trouble with any of them.

“Yes, indade, he said, they’re just the finest boys in the world. An’ would you believe it, I niivver laid violent hand s on any one of them except in self defence”.



Boiled eggs please!

Babies Anecdotes

Mrs K, after expressing her love for her children added tenderly,
And how do you like babies, Mr Lamb?
His answer, immediate, almost precipitate, was
B- b- boiled, Madame


Great man Walt Whitman
When a baby in a crowded Washington horse car was screaming, Walt Whitman took it from its mother, into his own arms; the infant stared at him a long time, then snuggled against him and fell asleep. Presently the conductor got off the car to get his supper, and Whitman acted as conductor the rest of the trip, still holding the sleeping baby.


Snoring Actress!

Eleanore Duse, the great actress, once offered to look after the year old baby of some friends while the family went for a walk.

What will you do if she cries? They asked.

Do? I will sing to her, said the resourceful Duse
I have lots of tricks to entertain babies .
When the parents returned, they found the baby sitting quietly in her carriage, her eyes fixed with a hypnotic stare upon the sofa. There lay the great actress, her head drooping, her mouth open, her eyes shut. She was snoring — regularly , sonorously snoring.

Slowly she opened her eyes
Sh! She said. If I stop for a second, she will cry .
Then she explained,
I sang for her; I danced for her; I made faces at her; I acted the whole of Paolo and Francesca, to her and she hated it all. But the snoring— from the first faint sign — she loved it.



Cross Breed is dangerous! Bernard Shaw

I posted 15 anecdotes from the life of Bernard Shaw. Following children anecdote was one of them:-




There is a legend about the fervent message Bernard Shaw received from Isadora Duncan expressing the opinion that by every eugenics principle they should have a child.

“Think what a child it would be”, she said, “with my body and your brain.”

Shaw sent the following response, discouraging the preposition, “Think how unfortunate it would be if the child were to have my body and your brain.”

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Rough and Ready Anecdotes (Post No.3401)

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Date: 29 November 2016


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Charles Fox, the English statesman, once asked a tradesman for his vote. the tradesman answered,

“I admire your abilities, but damn your principles”, to which Fox replied,

“My friend, I applaud your sincerity, but damn your manners.


A bad man rushed into a saloon brandishing his guns and shooting to the right and left. he stood in the middle of the floor and shouted,

“All you dirty skunks get out of here!”. The bar was virtually emptied in one wild burst of confusion, but as the smoke cleared it revealed one imperturbable man calmly finishing his drink at the bar. the bad man lumbered over to him.

“Well”, said the other, “there was sure a lot of them, wasn’t there?”



A legend has it that Will Rogers once walked up to the gate of Buckingham Place and said to the guard,

“ I am Will Rogers and I have come to see the King” The guards drew themselves up haughtily and Rogers continued,

“You tell him that when the Prince of Wales was out my way, he told me to look up his old man sometime, so here I am”. Rogers was admitted, had a long chat with the king and stayed to lunch.


An ambitious youth once sent his first manuscript to Dumas, asking the distinguished novelist to become his collaborator. the latter was astounded at the impertinence, angrily seizing his pen he wrote, “How dare you, sir, yoke together a noble horse and a contemptible ass?”


he received the following reply:

“How dare you, sir, call me a horse?”

His anger vanished and he wrote,

“Send on your manuscripts, my friend; I gladly accept your proposition.”



Clyde Fitch tells the following story of Whistler. The artist was in Paris at the time of Coronation of King Edward, and at a reception one evening a duchess said to him:

I believe you know King Edward, Mr Whistler.”

“No, Madame, replied Whistler.

“Why  ,that is odd, she murmured, “ I met the King at a dinner party last year, and he said that he knew you”

“Oh, said the painter, that was just his brag”.