“You didn’t Invite My Wife! So here is the Bill for My Show!” (Post no.6473)

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Date: 1 June 2019

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My husband is not an ‘Actor!’

Roger Kemble, father of famous Mrs Siddons, had once expressly forbidden the young lady to marry an actor.
She defied this parental instruction, wherewith Kemble upbraided her not only for her disobedience but for the aggravating circumstance that she had married undoubtedly the most incompetent member of his company.
“Exactly, replied the defiant bride
Nobody can call him an actor”.

I am not a Guest!

William Randolph Hearst, according to a legend, once invited Will Rogers to come to San Simeon for a week end. Hearst has assembled a considerable company, and Rogers was the star guest whom Hearst did not fail to show off to his best advantage.

A few days later Hearst received from Rogers a Bill for several thousand dollars for services as a professional entertainer. He called Rogers on the phone and protested saying,

“I didn’t engage you to come as an entertainer. I invited you as a guest”.
Rogers snapped,

“When people invite me as a guest, They invite Mrs Rogers too. When they ask me to come alone, I go as a professional entertainer”.


I thought she was Dead!

Once in the dressing room of Katherine Cornell, those old stagers, Mrs Leslie Carter and Mrs Patrick Campbell, chanced to meet. They were introduced as, ‘surely being acquainted with one another’s’
“Honoured, honoured,” said Mrs Campbell grandly, shaking Mrs Carter’s hand. Then turning to a bystander she confided in a loud whisper
“I thought she was dead”.

Nobody bothered in England!

When someone was lamenting Samuel Foote’ s unlucky fate of being kicked in Dublin , Dr Johnson said he was glad of it.
“He is rising in the world”, said he.
When he was in England, no one thought it worth while to kick him.


When did you ACT, My Darling?

At the finish of filming, ‘Bill of Divorcement’,
Katherine Hepburn turned to John Barrymore and said,
“Thank god, I don’t to act anymore with you!”
“Oh, he replied,
I didn’t know you ever had, darling”.


Rough and Ready Anecdotes (Post No.3401)

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Date: 29 November 2016


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Charles Fox, the English statesman, once asked a tradesman for his vote. the tradesman answered,

“I admire your abilities, but damn your principles”, to which Fox replied,

“My friend, I applaud your sincerity, but damn your manners.


A bad man rushed into a saloon brandishing his guns and shooting to the right and left. he stood in the middle of the floor and shouted,

“All you dirty skunks get out of here!”. The bar was virtually emptied in one wild burst of confusion, but as the smoke cleared it revealed one imperturbable man calmly finishing his drink at the bar. the bad man lumbered over to him.

“Well”, said the other, “there was sure a lot of them, wasn’t there?”



A legend has it that Will Rogers once walked up to the gate of Buckingham Place and said to the guard,

“ I am Will Rogers and I have come to see the King” The guards drew themselves up haughtily and Rogers continued,

“You tell him that when the Prince of Wales was out my way, he told me to look up his old man sometime, so here I am”. Rogers was admitted, had a long chat with the king and stayed to lunch.


An ambitious youth once sent his first manuscript to Dumas, asking the distinguished novelist to become his collaborator. the latter was astounded at the impertinence, angrily seizing his pen he wrote, “How dare you, sir, yoke together a noble horse and a contemptible ass?”


he received the following reply:

“How dare you, sir, call me a horse?”

His anger vanished and he wrote,

“Send on your manuscripts, my friend; I gladly accept your proposition.”



Clyde Fitch tells the following story of Whistler. The artist was in Paris at the time of Coronation of King Edward, and at a reception one evening a duchess said to him:

I believe you know King Edward, Mr Whistler.”

“No, Madame, replied Whistler.

“Why  ,that is odd, she murmured, “ I met the King at a dinner party last year, and he said that he knew you”

“Oh, said the painter, that was just his brag”.