A Good Face is a Letter of Recommendation (Post No.2841)


June, 2016 Good Thoughts Calendar

Compiled by london swaminathan


Date: 26 May 2016


Post No. 2841


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30 beautiful Quotations on BEAUTY


Auspicious Days: 8, 9, 16, 23, 26

Full Moon/Purnima-  20

New Moon/Amavasya- 5

Ekadasi Fasting Days: 1, 16



June 1 Wednesday

The very sight of the charming arouses one’s respect – Brhat katha kosa

June 2 Thursday

Beauty opens locked doors!

June 3 Friday

Beauty draws more than oxen

June 4 Saturday

What does not lend charm to a sweet beautiful form ?-Kalidasa’s Sakuntalam, 1-18

June 5 Sunday

Beauty is eloquent even when silent.



June 6 Monday

Beauty needs no artificial adornments – Kiratarjuniya 4-23

June 7 Tuesday

A fair face s half a portion.

June 8 Wednesday

Novelty every moment is the characteristic of beauty – Sisupalavadam,4-17

June 9 Thursday

No one can live on beauty, but they can die for it.

June 10 Friday

A lotus looks radiant not only on account of the swarming bees, but also due to the surrounding water weeds –  Kalidasa’s Kumara Sambhava, 5-9


IMG_4875 (2)


June 11 Saturday

A poor beauty finds more lovers than husbands.

June 12 Sunday

Beauty and good nature co exist –Mrcha katika of Sudraka

June 13 Monday

Beauty is potent but money is omnipotent

June 14 Tuesday

Goodness is better than beauty.

June 15 Wednesday

Who is not enthralled by beauty? –Kahvatratnakar

June 16 Thursday

Handsome is as handsome does.

June 17 Friday

The naturally beautiful need no embellishment –Drstaantasataka

June 18 Saturday

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

June 19 Sunday

What one most likes looks beautiful to him –Hitopadesa 2-53

June 20 Monday

A thing of Beauty is joy for ever – John Keats


பெண்ணா, பறவையா

June 21 Tuesday

If jack is in love, he is no judge of Jill’s Beauty.

The lady wooed by a man appears most beautiful to him –Brhat Katha Manjari

June 22 Wednesday

Health and wealth create Beauty.

June 23 Thursday

Beauty engenders charm on all occasions – Kalidasa’s  Malavika Agnimitram

June 24 Friday

Beauty’s sister is vanity, and its daughter lust.

June 25 Saturday

Those endowed with beauty are charming in all circumstances – Kalidasa’s Sakuntalam

IMG_4413 (2)

June 26 Sunday

Beauty may have fair leaves, yet bitter fruits.

June 27 Monday

Beauty wont make the pot boil

June 28 Tuesday

Beauty fades like a flower

The fairest flowers soonest fade

June 29 Wednesday

The peacock has fair feathers, but foul feet

June 30 Thursday

Less eating enhances the beauty of women (Tamil saying: Pendirku Azaku Undi Surukkuthal)






30 Sanskrit Quotes on Truth (Satyam)

yagnavalkya smriti

Good Thoughts Calendar 2014 (June)

Post No. 1068; Date: 27 May 2014
Prepared by London swaminathan (copyright)
30 important Sanskrit Quotes on TRUTH (Satyam) are given in this month’s calendar; Source for quotes: Suktisudha by Chinmaya International Foundation.

Important Dates: June 11 Wednesday- Vaikasi Visakam; Auspicious Days: 2,8,18,30. Full Moon day 13th June ; New Moon (Amavasya) 26th June; Ekadasi 9 & 23rd June.

June 1 Sunday
Truth alone triumphs, never falsehood! — Mundaka Upanishad 3-1-6
SatyamEva jayatE naanrtam.

June 2 Monday
Truthfulness supersedes a thousand horse sacrifices PadmaPurana 5–18-43,Hitopadesa 4-1-36
asvamEdha sahasraaddhi satayamEvaatirichyatE.

June 3 Tuesday
Experts on the science of righteousness aver that Truth is the ultimate Dharma- -Valmiki Ramayana 2-14-3
Aahu satyam hi paramam dharmam dharmavidO janaah.

June 4 Wednesday
It is not praiseworthy to adopt wrong means ever for accomplishing good ends – Jatakamala
Kaaryaarthamapi na srEyah saatyayaapanayh kramah.

June 5 Thursday
Truth alone does not confer the wealth of welfare – -Brhat Katha Manjari
kEvala satEna na bhavanti hitarriyah.

June 6 Friday
On can’t determine truth from falsehood sans enquiry — Kahavatratnakar.p 164
gavEsanaam vinaa naiva satyaa satya vininayah

June 7 Saturday
Righteousness flourishes with truth — Manu Smrti 8-83
Dharmah satyEna vardhatE.

June 8 Sunday
There is no merit in truth alone, for, it can wreak havoc – – Brhat Katha Manjari
Na punyam satyamaatrEna satyaannaasOsti kEvalaat.

June 9 Monday
Though difficult, the upright do not like to forsake truth – Jataka Mala
Na hi krcchrEpi santyaktum satyamicchanti saadhavah.

June 10 Tuesday
Those, whose lives are based on truth, remain immortal — Pancatantra 3-25
mrtrEpi naraah sarvE satyE trishanti tishtati.

June 11 Wednesday
Relating verbatim as to what occurred is the characteristic of Truth — Sushasitavali
Yathaa bhuuta pravaadittvame tat satyasya lakshanam.

June 12 Thursday
The actual truth evolves from constant discussion
vaadE vaadE jaayatE tattvabOdhah.

June 13 Friday
Who is capable of overpowering truth? — Katha Sarit Sagara
Satyam kascaativartatE.

June 14 Saturday
Truth excels pilgrimages, penance, charity, and sacrifices too — Ramayana Manjari 3-6-257
Satyam tirtatapO daanayajnEbhyOpi visisyatE.

June 15 Sunday
Utter the truth, yet utter it unpleasantly, and utter not an unpleasant truth Manu Smrti 4-138
Satayam bruuyaat priyam bruuyaanna bruuyaat satyamapriyam.

guru shishya.fb

June 16 Monday
Can there ever exist real water in a mirage? — Katha Sarit Sagara
Satyam bhavati kim jaatu jalam marumariicissu

June 17 Tuesday
That alone is truth which speaks the good of all, and not what is said as is! –Kahavat Ratnakar.p 383
Satyam bhutahitam prOktam na yatharthaabi bhasanam.

June 18 Wednesday
Tell the truth, practise Dharma – Taittiriya Upanishad
Satyam vada, dharmam cara.

June 19 Thursday
Truth is the treasure of the honourable — Ramayanamanjari 6-26-816 p.354
Satyam vitam hi maaninaam.

June 20 Friday
Those who deem their word as vow do not regret promises made —- Ramayanamanjari 1-17-744 p.61
Satyam satyapratinjaanaam naanutaapah pratisrutEh.

June 21 Saturday
Truth is the root of the Dharma tree with its thousand branches!
Bharata Manjari 1-25-1119 p.90
Satyam hi dharmavrkshasya muulam saakhaasahasrinah.

June 22 Sunday
Truth is the supreme Dharma
Satyam hi paramO dharmah.

June 23 Monday
The fear of death does not plague those who are steadfast in truth and righteousness — Valmiki Ramayana 6-46-33
Satya dharmaabiraktaanaam naasti mrtyukrtam bhayam.

June 24 Tuesday
Utter words anointed by truth — Manu Smrti 6-46
Satyapuutaam vadEdvaniim.

June 25 Wednesday
In Kaliyuga, the truthful suffer and the hypocritical flourish Kahavat Ratnakar
Satyavaktaa kalau dukhii mithyaavaadi pramOdatE.

June 26 Thursday
The celestials are truth bound– Brhat Katha Manjari
satyavaacO hi khEcharaah.

June 27 Friday
The dutiful truthful never suffer a debacle –Bharata Manjari 13-11-333 p566
Satyasiilaah svadharmasthaa labhantE na paraabhavam

June 28 Saturday
Those committed to truth find their wishes fulfilled –Brhat Katha Manjari
Satyasampannaah praapnuvanti samiihitam

June 29 Sunday
No fear for one who lives truth –Kahava Ratnakar p.208
(satyE naasty bhayam kvacit)

June 30 Monday
Everything is established in truth –Canakya Niti 2-28
Sarvam satyE prathistitam.