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There is an interesting story in Ramayana about two ants. Kamban, the great author , who rendered Valmiki Ramayana in Tamil, hints at it in the Ayodhya Kanda/ canto. Kamban puts the words Erumbin Kathaiyal / ‘the lady of two ants story’ in the mouth of lamenting King Dasaratha. He was the one who gave two boons to Kaikeyi, one of his three queens. Kaikeyi, using the boons sent Rama to forest and got the kingship for her own son Bharat.

In this context Dasaratha was complaining about Kaikeyi to his chief queen Kausalya. The words Erumbin Kathaiyal/ Llady of Ants brings out the background of Kaikeyi. Strangely Hindu epics dont give the birth names of Queens. They are always named after their countries or cities,

Gandhari from Kandahar/ Gandhara of Afghanistan

Kunti from the kingdom of Kunti

Kaikeyi from Kekaya kingdom in Afghanistan /Iran border

Kausalya is from Koshala

Mythili  is from the city of Mithila and so on.

Kaikeyi is from the country of Kekaya, where her father Asvapati was ruling. It happened in the life of Asvapati . One day while he was in bed with his beloved queen, he laughed wildly. The queen got annoyed and became suspicious. She asked her husband Asvapati what made him laugh at the dead of night in the bed. She added further that he was mocking at her. Asvapati pacified her and told that he listened to the talk of two ants  under his bed and burst into laughter about their conversation.

One in a billion gets the power of knowing the language of animals, Hindus believe. In Tamil Periya Purana, we know that Kazatrarivar and Aanayanar knew the language of the animals. So do the great Hindu emperor Vikramaditya.

When Asvapati explained it to his wife, the queen, she was not ready to believe him and so she insisted that he must disclose the joke that the ants exchanged. Asvapati told her that the seer who taught him the language told him that he should never disclose it to anyone. Violating the code would result in his death. Even after this, she insisted that he gives the secret conversation of two ants under the bed. He asked her for time so that he could consult the saint who gave him the power.

When he consulted him, he told Asvapati to banish the queen and that was what Asvapati did.

On the background of this old anecdote, Dasaratha condemned Kaikeyi with the words Ant Story Lady. What he meant was hereditary was more powerful than environment. Her genetics worked more than the acceptable law. According to law, the eldest , in this case Rama, should become king. Moreover she knew that Rama’s exile will shorten the life of Dasaratha , but she didn’t care like Asvapati’s wife, who was the mother of Kaikeyi.

Here we come across a scientific fact in genetics which is known to our forefathers. Another fact that animal languages are understood by humans. In fact Dirgatamas, the blind poet of the oldest book in the world the Rigveda,reveals that there are four levels of sound and humans understand only the fourth level. It is in R V 1-164. So, scientists in future may find one day what Hindus knew thousands of years before our time.

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