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Tamil literature and Ramayana report on Intelligent Monkeys

Revenge of the apes: 2 monkeys ‘kill over 200 puppies by dropping them off trees’ after dogs kill an infant monkey

Forest dept traps the monkeys after deaths of puppies in Maharashtra’s Beed

Tribune Web Desk

Chandigarh, December 20

It was a “retaliatory attack” by these two monkeys.  

In the last three to four month, over 200 puppies have lost their lives after they were “taken away” by the two simians. According to several reports, the dogs were killed in an act of revenge by the simians after a few dogs killed an infant monkey.

Meanwhile, the two monkeys were captured by the forest department in Maharashtra’s Beed district for allegedly taking away some puppies and placing them on trees or roofs where they died either without food or after falling over the last few months, an official said on Sunday.

These monkeys were trapped on Saturday and shifted to their natural habitat, he said.

Range Forest Officer Amol Munde, however, said only 3 to 4 incidents of puppies dying after they were taken away by the two monkeys were reported from this village.

A villager, Radhakishan Sonawane, said the two monkeys used to take away puppies with them.

“Such incidents had been happening over the last three months. These two monkeys come to our village. They take away puppies with them to the roof of houses or at any other place at height. “At such height, these puppies don’t get any food or water. Hence, they died naturally many times. But sometimes they fell from a height and died. Over 200 puppies had lost their lives in our village,” Sonawane told PTI.

Munde said the monkeys used to take away puppies, which was their “habit”.  “They take care of puppies. They used to keep puppies on roofs or tall trees. The puppies couldn’t survive at such places as they couldn’t get food or water. If a puppy escaped from the two monkeys it used to die after falling from a height. The reported incidents of the death of puppies in Lavool village are 3 to 4,” he added.

Responding to a query about whether these monkeys are targetting puppies in “retaliatory attacks”, he said no death of any baby monkey was reported in Lavool village in the last few months.

He said some people were also injured while running away from the two monkeys. “Monkeys generally don’t attack human beings but people are afraid. Some people were injured in the past few days while running away from these monkeys. However, no incident of any monkey bite was reported in this village,” Munde added. 



TAMIL LITERATURE AND EARLIER SANSKRIT LITERATURE describe the skills of animals and birds.

There are lots of cities and towns in India from Nagpur to Nagerkoil with animal names, each one giving some interesting story about snakes, elephants and spiders.

Memory power of elephants and snakes are reported in both languages.

Monkeys are described more in Sundara Kanda of Ramayana than any other literature in the world. The revenge attack of Ramayana monkeys may be compared with the above news from Maharashtra. Hanuman set fire to Sri Lanka as a revenge attack. Hanumar brought the Sanjeevini herb with the hills. He crossed the ocean and helped Rama to build a sea bridge to Sri Lanka. There we see Dr Monkey, Engineer Monkey and Mr Revenge Monkey!

Tamil literature described the shyness of monkeys after sex, Suicide committed by a monkey and rattle play of monkeys.

2000 year old Sangam Tamil literature described how Ramayana monkeys wore the jewels of Sita in the wrong way (See Purananuru 378).

Hindu story of aping is known to every child. A hat seller wanted to recover all the hats stolen by the monkeys while he was sleeping under a tree. He threw his hat in front of monkeys and all the monkeys imitated him. He chased the monkeys away and took his hats back.

Panchatantra fables also give us a story of an intelligent monkey which drove away the crocodile with evil intentions.

In short Hindu literature is full of stories with animal intelligence.

Till recently, psychologists did not know about animals dreaming. Hindu literature talks about animals dreaming.

Damayanti sent love letter though swans. Eagles brought Soma herb to Vedic priests according to Rig Veda, the oldest book in the world.

Eagles brought gem stones from mountain valleys according to Kalidasa. Arabs copied it their stories Arabian Nights.

Animals helped people to discover Ajanta, Angkor Vat, Sringeri and Panchalankurichi.

Scores of articles in this blog give stories about intelligent animals.

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Written by London Swaminathan

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Pictures shown here are taken from various sources such as Facebook friends, Books, Google and newspapers; thanks.



There are some interesting stories about Hanuman in 100 year old books written by foreigners!


For anyone familiar with the adventures of Hanuman, comic books such as Superman, Spiderman, Phantom are all just imitations. The adventures of hanuman are true stories. Hindus call him the Great Hero – Mahaa Veer! Hanuman was called the Monkey God by foreigners; but for Hindus he is a god like any other god. Westerners could only look at his face and tail whereas Hindus can look at his great qualities! Foreigners couldn’t understand Hinduism even today because they look at it superficially.


Hanuman is described in the Ramayana as a man possessed of great learning. He was a master of grammar. he had the gift of the gab. he was a great orator. “The chief of the monkeys is perfect; no one equals him in the sastras, in learning and in ascertaining the sense of the scriptures. In all sciences, in the rules of austerity, he rivals the preceptor of the Gods.

In North India he is a village god. His image smeared with oil and vermillion, meets one’s gaze in many villages. He is often the guardian deity, and is considered the embodiment of virile strength, the conqueror of evil spirits, while women implore his aid as the giver of off spring.


Hanuman does not often rise to the dignity of a separate temple devoted to his honour (100 years ago), but in Rama’s birth place Ayodhya, the greatest temple is the Hanumangarhi. It is a fortress temple rising solidly from the surrounding plain, and is provided with a regular priesthood f ascetics.


One of the main reasons why this god is so widely worshipped over a large part of India is that he is regarded as the type and model of faithful, unselfish and devoted service.

At the Dasara, one of the most popular Hindu festivals, Hanuman, clothed in gorgeous attire, marches along the stage at the head of his army of monkeys and bears and plays his part valiantly in the assault of Lanka.


Living monkeys too are honoured and worshipped as Hanuman’s representatives, and the feeding of monkeys is part of the regular ritual at some temples, notably at the Durga temple in Varanasi, often called for this reason ‘the Monkey Temple’. There is a king of monkeys there who is treated with much respect. It is remarkable with what impunity monkeys are allowed to steal grain and fruits and sweets from shops on the main roads. Very little resentment is shown, and as for killing them would be a sacrilege, no matter how great the mischief and harm caused.

In fact, General Sleeman tells a story of a Muhammedan Nawab of Oudh (Ayodhya) who died of fever, the result, it was said, of his father killing a monky. “Mumtaz ud daula might have been King of Oudh, said his informant, had his father not shot that monkey” (Ref. Sleeman’s book Journey through Oudh)

Monkey Wedding

W.Ward ( in his book Hindoos) tells a remarkable story of the Raja of Nadiya who spent a lac of rupees (10,000 pounds in those days) in marrying two monkeys. There was a magnificent parade. In the procession were seen elephants, camels, horses, all richly caparisoned; palanquins carried the guests whose path was lit by torches and fairy lamps. The male monkey was fastened in his palanquin with a silver chain. he wore a golden crown on his head and servants stood o either side to fan him with punkahs (fans). There followed numbers of dancing girls in carriages. Every kind of musical instrument was pressed into use to celebrate the occasion, and at the time of marriage no less than twelve learned Brahmins were employed to read the Sastras.