The locomotive was originally shipped to India from England in 1855.

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 Date: 18 AUGUST 2019  

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Nostalgic longing for the Olden Golden Days

When I was a college student in Madurai, I used to walk along the railway line with friends to enter the Madura college through its back yard. On our way we used to pick up the fallen coal bits from the steam engines and throw at each other as part of a game.

When I was a school student in Madurai Setupati High School, I used to sit at the play ground with my classmates and enjoy coal smoke coming from the Goods Shed Railway Yard just behind the school.

My aunty in Madras, now Chennai, used to tease me whenever I entered her house with black spotted white shirt which happened because of my overnight travel from Madurai to Madras. In those days only coal fired steam engines pulled the train compartments.

All those days are gone.

When I came to London I tried to buy ticket for annual steam engine ride from Amersham to outer London destination; the tickets were sold out. Great disappointment!

Money making Ideas

If India restores one coal fired steam engine in every city they can mint money from foreign tourists. They are crazy about it.

Please restore at least one coalfired steam engine train in every town to teach our children the history and development of science.

All these thoughts came to me when I read the news that the oldest working steam engine ran successfully in Chennai on 15th August 2019.

Read the news item taken from the Hindustan Times:–

World’s oldest working steam engine makes heritage run. It’s 164-year-old

The locomotive was originally shipped to India from England in 1855.

The railways conducted a heritage run of a 164-year-old locomotive, which is the world’s oldest working steam engine, to mark the 73rd Independence Day. A heritage special service hauled by EIR-21, the world’s oldest working steam locomotive, was successfully operated from Chennai Egmore to Kodambakkam, the railways said on Saturday.

The heritage special with a single coach with railway officials left Chennai Egmore around noon on August 15.  Many rail and steam enthusiasts turned up at Chennai Egmore and Kodambakkam railway stations to see the heritage special.

These steam heritage runs are operated to showcase the heritage value of Indian Railways. The Express EIR 21, which is similar to Fairy Queen in appearance, is 164 years’ old. The locomotive was originally shipped to India from England in 1855. After withdrawal from service in 1909, this loco was kept as an exhibit at Jamalpur workshop and Howrah station for over 101 years.

During this period this loco was in the sun and rain; many parts were corroded, some were missing, some were broken and some were not fit for use.The Perambur Loco Works took the challenge of reviving the engine in 2010.

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