Poet Bharati’s Quotations in English (Post No.3303)

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Compiled  by London Swaminathan


Date: 30 October 2016


Time uploaded in London: 13-29


Post No.3303


Pictures are taken from various sources; thanks


November 2016  ‘GOOD THOUGHTS’ Calendar


Important days

November 5-Kanda Shashti, Sura Samharam; 14- Guru Nanak Jayanti, Children’s Day in India; 22-Kala Bhairava Ashtami; 23-Sathya Sai Baba’s Birth Day.


Ekadasi-11, 25;Full Moon-14;New moon-29; Auspicious days-2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 20, 27

November 1 Tuesday

May Tamil great and Tamils good flourish!

May Bharat great, a gem divine flourish;

May ills that this day torture us, perish!

May good things reach us.


November 2 Wednesday

Even when limbs grow weak, for its food

The lion accepts not the flesh

Offered by a fox


November 3 Thursday

You are knowledge; you are dharma indeed

You are our heart; you are our very soul

You are also the life in our body (B C Chaaterji’s Vandemataram)

November 4 Friday

The lives of great men all remind us

We can make our lives sublime

November 5 Saturday

King of bards of Kudanthai! The praise of Tamil brads

So long as the Potikai bred tongue lasts

Shall be yours; their hearts will always bless you;

You will surely thrive deathless for ever (about U.Ve.Sa)

November 6 Sunday

The wondrous mantra that in love

Is chanted, the mantra at which

Foes shudder, is Vade Mataram.

Even if sinners chant this mantra

They will attain to culture sublime



November 7 Monday

Its billions and billions of scholars wise

For thousands of yugas failed to know

This “I”, can I its nature realise?

Can the fish know the greatness of sea;oh!


November 8 Tuesday

This is the nation where flourished mighty kings

And saints blemishless, dharma incarnate!

This nation dubbed the ignoble woman

Who bore not heroes, as nullipara

November 9 Wednesday

Ancient is Bharat and you her children!

Forget not; Bharat is the Tilka of earth

You are her children; forsake not this thought.


November 10 Thursday

May Aryas stay here! May men remain here!

May the heroic and the lofty stay here!

May they who meanness brook, stay here!

May sons of ceaseless love for Motherland, stay here!

May they who die when glory dies, stay here.

November 11 Friday

As loving kindness marks them

Even as exemplary virtue

As they know of God’s nature

They came to be called Brahmins


November 12 Saturday

No more talk of caste and creed

No more talk of birth and breed;

Who first drew breath in this our land

Brahmin or other caste, with us he will stand


November 13 Sunday

This is our Motherland, Bharat!

Its here our parents dear loved and lived

In joyous wedlock, pure.

Our forebears too in ages past

Had lived for centuries, here they died.


November 14 Monday

Himachal is our mountain

The world hath not its fellow;

Ganga is our fountain

Pellucid, sweet and mellow


November 15 Tuesday


Our Upanishads are twelve

Unknown to any other clime

Deep into our minds they delve

And soar aloft sublime.


November 16 Wednesday

Land of the heroic free

Where sages have lived at peace,

Soothed by the poesy

Of Nard’s melodies;

Where Buddha came t birth

–The embodiment of grace–



November 17 Thursday

Will knowers of truth think on you Maya?

Can you dare harm the stout-hearted at all?

Maya! May be you are arm potent;

Still can you brave the flame of Mind’s clarity?


November 18 Friday

When will this thirst for freedom slake/

When will our love of slavery die?

When will our Mother’s fetters break?

When will our tribulations cease?

November 19 Saturday

Eighteen are the languages

That she speaks;

But animating them all

Is only one thought

November 20 Sunday

Vedas are the speech

Of this sword-wielding Lady;

Merciful to her votaries,

She extirpates evil men


November 21 Monday

A thousand castes we have, oh dear!

But outsiders have no place here.

However, they quarrel, can the sons of one mother

Cease to be brothers of one another?


November 22 Tuesday

Time was when Pandits of the world

-Authors of millions of great works –

Came thronging here in great quest

Of the unique truth ultimate



November 23 Wednesday

With tears, not water, this plant we reared;

Is it your pleasure, Lord, it should be seared?

A lustrous lamp with our life’s ghee fed;

Is it your pleasure it should be dead?

After years a thousand there came on a day

A diamond most dazzling; shall we throw it away?


November 24 Thursday

Vikrama of Seventeen Fiftysix,

Annus mirabils! …. Guru Gobind,

The elixir great of mighty victors

Furbished at Anatpur in joyance great


November 25 Friday

Goddess Parvati who wields ten weapons

Lakshmi gladly throned on Lotus, Vani

By whom is buddhi blest, are but Thee, Mother (India)!


November 26 Saturday

The Vedic hymns, in joy, She sings

With Spear of Truth, Her canter rings.

She strews sastras, the Mother kind

Within the reach of all mankind

November 27 Sunday

Rajput heroes whose fame will not fade

Till the end of entire world

Or as long as martial powers lasts

Or as long as chaste women breathe



November 28 Monday

The natives of Punjab and those of great realms

Whence heroes from Arjun onward took birth,

They of Bengal who even when they slumber

Forget not their devotion to the feet of Mother!


November 29 Tuesday

The sweated labour and the plough

Of us shall honoured be;

Vain revellers a target stand

Unto our mockery;

November 30 Wednesday

Thoughts and aims must come to pass

And the mind shall think only good

A stout and sturdy heart I seek

And a clear lucid intellect.