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Subramanya Bharati- born on 11 December 1882

Died on 11 September 1921


Poet Bharati has fulfilled the true mission of a poet. He has created beauty not only through the medium of glowing and lovely words, but has kindled the souls of men and women by the million to a more passionate love of freedom, and a richer dedication to the service of the country. Poets like Bharati cannot be counted as the treasure of any province. He is entitled by his genius and his work, to rank among those who have transcended all limitation of race, language and continent and has become the universal possession of  mankind.

—Poetess Sarojini Naidu


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Bharati is a true poet. He has the poet’s perception, the artist’s touch, the reformer’s zeal, the devotee’s faith, the scholar’s erudition, the patriot’s nationalism and the cosmopolitan’s internationalism he is a liberal rooted in the past, and a conservative who holds forward-looking thoughts. He is a rich blend of old and new. He expresses new themes in classic metres, and classic themes in newer modes. Some of his themes are bold and unconventional – so bold that some of his contemporaries gasped in wonder, or railed at his temerity.

–P N Appuswami



Bharati was truly great and he was easily the greatest of the modern Tamil poets. With him came the flood tide of renaissance, as a part of national upsurge for freedom. In his hand Tamil recovered its naturalness, clarity, vigour, vitality and flexibility.

–Bharathi Tamil Sangham, Calcutta



Bharati was not only a poet who could rouse the patriotic feelings of his fellow- Tamils, but was also a literary artist of the highest order who could see the universal in the particular. So, although Bharati hails from Tamil Nadu, and occupies a front place in India’s regional literature, his impact will be felt wherever great literature is loved and read.

–V K R V Rao, Education Minister, 1970



Bharati has proved what every reader of poetry always knew, that if a poet is equal to his task, he can invest an old theme with a new significance and beauty by his poetic emotion and artistic skill. Kannan Paattu, his magnum opus, is a lyrical cycle of poems on Krishna. Its theme is traditional, one to which India has responded since time immemorial.

–Justice S K Mukherjea


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Bharati was only thirty nine when he died. But he had adorned tami with such a unique body of exquisite lyrics and pieces of prose, vivid and many toned, that will be a perpetual national possession.

—-Bharathi Tamil Sangham, Calcutta



Subrahmanya Bharati was a man on whose tongue the Goddess Saraswati can honestly be believed to have danced the dance of patriotism. If he had been born in any free country, why in any country of the world except the India, the man would have been made the Poet Laureate of the country, would have been given honours and titles by a government which knows how to respond to the feelings of the people, and would have lived and died among the most honoured of the nation.

—S Satyamurthi in Madras Legislative Council, 1928



Subramanya Bharati’s poetry falls broadly into three divisions. The first which is most well-known, consists of his soul stirring national songs. The second which is not so well-known to the general public, but which is familiar to students of Tamil, contains his two master pieces of Panajali Sabatham and Kuyil Pattu. In between there is a third division, which comprises of his religious and philosophic poems and songs. Though these form nearly half of his total output, they are not as well know as they should be.

–A V Subramaniya Aiyar



Bharati is the poet of the common man. The language of the common man became in his works the language of the poetry. Till then the language of the common man was not the respectable language of high class literature.

–Prof T P Meenakshisundaran, Vice chancellor of Madurai University


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Bharati has introduced in accordance with the spirit of the times, a new theme of poetry. The songs of patriotism or national songs are new to Tamil literature in the way they have been elaborated by Bharati and others. There may have been poems expressing loyalty to the king as representing the nation, culture or religion. But in the national songs of Bharati the loyalty is to the nation, to the people.

–Prof T P Meenakshisundaran



Bharati is not only the national poet of tamil Nadu; he belongs also to the whole India. His verses should be published in all the Indian languages.

–Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India till 1964




Rooted in tradition, Bharati used the old, simple forms of classical art to new purposes and new effects.

–P N Appuswami



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Bharati is probably one of the best poets of modern period in our country and definitely the greatest of Tamil poets of our time and the Tamils can be legitimately proud of this greatest bard who has given not only a new direction and dimension but a new shape and new thrust to Tamil poetry as well. It is in his magic hand tamil poetry regained its vigour and vitality, clarity and naturalness.

Dr S Agesthialingom, Vice Chancellor, Tamil University, Thanjavur, 1989



Bharati’s vastitudes can be known only when the poems of great one, in Tamil, are translated in to the languages of the world.




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The craftsmanship of Bharati, as revealed by his juvenilia, s pretty conventional and is rather dull. However, as years roll by, his irresistible genius starts asserting itself with a wondrous splendour that is truly multi- dimensional. The myriad minder bard’s apperception is achieved with a thousand tentacles of awareness and his utterances – afire with burning desire- shoot out like piercing pins of light. His words and vocables energised by a novel poetic fervour, march out, suaviter in modo, fortiter in re, and make universal conquest.

–Sekkizar Adippodi Dr T N Ramachandran

(suaviter in modo, fortiter in re= gently in manner, strongly in deed)



Bharati completed one more work which carries the hall mark of a born poet, using common, almost thread-bare, unconsidered material. The Kuyil is pure fantasy but with its foundations in firm-set earth. He is the Morning Star of modern literature since he was the first to discredit the vogue of poetic diction and dealt with thems close to the life of today.