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Do animals have psychic powers?

The answer is ‘Yes’.

Animals exhibiting psychic faculties similar to man.

CALCULATING DOG: In C.Borderieux’s Les Nouveaux Animaux Pensants, Paris, 1927, the story of Zou, the author’s calculating dog is narrated. Theodore Besterman in Proceedings Vol XXX VIII, describes his personal encounter with Madam Carita Borderieux’s dog and claims to have discovered that the dog interpreted unconscious movements of Madam Carita Borderieux’s hand.


BLACK BEAR: Unconscious signals or secret code falls far short as a theory of explanation in the case of Black Bear, the Briarcliff pony who not only can solve mathematical problems and spell answers by selecting letters from a rack, but according to narratives in Psychic Research, April, 1931, exhibits clairvoyant or telepathic powers by describing playing cards of which he only sees the back. Black Bear either answers correctly or refuses to venture an answer at all. He is never discrepant and solves his problems with a supreme indifference.

Some of the experience of his visitors are extremely curious. Mrs Fletcher whose birthday was shortly to occur – a fact which could not normally have been known to either Black Bear or Mr. Barrett  (his trainer) – asked these questions: Black Bear, there is an anniversary coming soon. Can you tell me what it is?” Whereupon the pony at once spelled out, “Birthday”.

Mrs. Fletcher then said, “That is right. Now, can you tell me when it will be?” and Black Bear replied, “Friday”. “What date will it be?” was the next question, and Black Bear at once spelled out “August 3rd.”


HORSE AND GHOST: Sir William Barrett records the case of the Miss Montgomery. They saw a ghost floating across the road on which they were driving home. The horse stopped and shook with fright.

The watchdog of the Rev Samuel Wesley crouched in terror during the poltergeist manifestations at Epworth Vicarage.

In a poltergeist case on the Baltic Island of Oesel in 1844, a number of horses were frightened by thunderous noises coming from a nearby underground vault. This case is described in Robert Dale Owen’s ‘Footfalls on the Boundary of Another  World.’