Is Pilgrimage Necessary? (Post No.3073)



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Date: 19th August 2016

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Post No.3073

Pilgrimage is considered an essential part of Hinduism. Other religions also have their own pilgrimage centres. Whatever religion you follow the pilgrimage will be useless if you don’t have purity of mind. I have given two stories in my earlier posts (please see the links below) to illustrate this point. The story of ‘Gangajal to a Donkey’ by Saint Eknatha and the ‘Story of taking Bitter gourds to pilgrimage centres’ by Tukaram are given in those posts.


Now let us look at two beautiful Sanskrit slokas/couplets which gives the same message:-

Kshamaa tiirtham tapastiirtham tiirtham indriyanihraha:

Sarvabutadayaatiirtham dhyaanam tiirthamanuttamam


Etaani panchatiirthaani sathyatiirtham sa sarvadam

Dehe tishtanti  sarvasya teshu snaanam samaasareeth


river green

There are six holy water sources which are the best of the bests.

They are the following sacred waters known as :–



Self -control

Kindness towards living beings


Truth /sathyam

Always take a dip in the five and one place that are already in you.


Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa also supports purity of mind when you do a Yatra/travel to a holy place (Please read the links)

Adi Sankara on Pilgrimage

The conviction of the truth is seen to proceed from reasoning upon the salutary counsel of the wise and not by bathing in the sacred waters, nor by gifts nor by a hundred

Pranayamas (breathing exercise).

He says in Vivekachudamani (verse 13),

Arthasya nischayo drushto vichaarena hitoktita:

Na snaanena wa daanena praanaayaamaas satena vaa


Appar alias Tirunavukkasar says in Tamil:-

What is the use of bathing in Ganga or Kaveri

What if bathing in cool Kanyakumari

Or bathing in the roaring sea waters

If you dont see God in everything

-Tevaram 5-99

tunga river

All the great saints agree in one point that pilgrimage is useful when you have purity of mind and maturity see god everywhere.

Please read:–

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What is Waste, Useless and Worthless? (Post No 2657)

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Date: 23 March 2016


Post No. 2657


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Useless Fours  
Samudresu vrstih  Rain in the sea

Trptasya bhojanam Serving food to one who has already eaten

Samarthasya Danam  Charity to the skilled

Diva Dipa  Lamp Light during day time

Vrthaa vrstih samudresu vrthaa trptasya bhojanam
Vrthaa Danam samarthasya vrthaa dipo divaapi ca

Subhasita rat and bhandaagaarm 153-26



Worthless Four

Vrddhaarahita sabhaa. Assembly without old men

Dharmaapratipadakaah. Old men who do not speak of virtue

Satyarahita dharma. Virtue where truth does not exist

Chalaabhyupetam satyam. Truth where deceit pervades

Na saa sabhaa yatra na santi vrddhaa na te vrddhaa ye na vadanti dharmam

Naasau dharmo yantra na satyamasti na tatsatyam yachchalenaabhyupe


Viduraniti 3-58




Four Wastes

Paradihina Janma = Life dependent on others

Parastrii Sukha = Pleasure in other’s women

Parageha Lakshmi= Wealth of other’s houses

Pustaka vidyaa = Knowledge in books

Paraadhiinaam vrthaa Janma parastriisu vrthaa sukham
Paragehe vrthaa lakshmiih  vidyaa Yaa pustake vrthaa


Four Poisons

Anabhyaasa vidyaa= knowledge without practice

Ajiirna bhojanam = Food not digested

Daridra sabhaa = Learned assembly for the poor

Vrddhaa tarunii = Young girl for an old man

Anabhyaaso visam vidyaa ajiirne bhojanam visam
Visam sabhaa daridrasya vrddhasya tarunii visam



goat fight

Four Fruitless Acts
Ajaayuddham = Goat fight

Rsi sraddham = Performance of sraddham to a Rsi

Prabhata megadambaram = Thunder of the clouds in the morning

Dampati Kalaham = Fight between husband and wife

Ajaayuddhamrsisraddham prabhate megadambaram
Dampatyo kalahascaiva pariname na kincana

Subhasita Ratna bhandaagaarm