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Sun is the most important God to Hindus. How do we know that?

We know that because millions of Brahmins look at sun in the morning , mid noon and evening and recite the most powerful Mantra in the Four Vedas known as Gayatri Mantra.

We know it because millions of RSS workers and Yoga practitioners do Surya Namaskar (12+1 times) every day in the morning.

We know it because Savitar, Aditya, Bhaga, Surya and Mitra are found in hundreds of hymns in the Vedas.


Muir in his original Sanskrit Texts say,

“I regard it (EYE) as the most Sun like of all the organs of sensation” -Socrates

Plato in his Republic , VI .18, quoted Socrates.

This is not the only one instance which connects Socrates to the Vedas. Scores of books have been published showing Greek philosophers’ knowledge of the Vedas. From Pythagoras to Alexander, all show that they knew Hindu concepts.

I went further down the road and found out even Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar knew Socrates drinking poison. (Please see the links at the end of this article; my article written in 2011)

This Socrates matter is from the footnote to Atharva Veda Mantra Canto/Book 5, Hymn 9 (Sukta 151)

Hymns of the Atharva Veda, by Ralph T.H. Griffith, [1895], at sacred-texts.com


A prayer to Heaven and Earth for protection and assistance

1All hail to Heaven!
2All hail to Earth!
3All hail to Air!
4All hail to Air!
5All hail to Heaven!
6All hail to Eartht!
7Mine eye is Sīirya and my breath is Vāta, Air is my soul and
  Prithivī my body.
  I verily who never have been conquered give up my life toe
  Heaven and Earth for keeping. 
8Exalt my life, my strength, my deed and action; increase my
   understanding and my vigour.
  Be ye my powerful keepers, watch and guard me, ye mistresses
   of life and life’s creators! Dwell ye within me, and forbear
   to harm me.

‘Eye is surya’ is found throughout the four Vedas starting from starting from the most famous Purushasukta of Rig Veda (RV 10-90). It is recited every day in temples and orthodox Brahmin houses.

Eye and Sun:- also AV. 5-24-9; RV.10-16-3

Scores of references are in the Vedas about sun light treatment for skin problems, killing seen and unseen germs, known and unknown germs etc.

Even the half baked 30 + Europeans who translated Vedas into European languages 150 years ago use the Vedic words ‘known and unknown’, ‘seen and unseen’ in their translations!



I don’t know when the NASA and Russian scientists would solve the two puzzles in the Vedas.

One is about Valakhilyas travelling before sun. (Please see the link at the bottom; my article written in 2011)


We don’t know what the Vedic Rishis meant when they sang three Ribhus live in the Solar Sphere. One day NASA would explain it and then we can boast again “IT IS AREADY SAID BY OUR VEDIC SEERS!!!”

What did they say about ‘THREE LIVING IN SUN’?

Ribhus are three sons of Sudhanvan. They are found in the Rig Veda , the oldest book in the world.

Ribhus are descendants of seer Angiras. Their names are Ribhu, Vibhvan/Vibhu and Vaaja; collectively called RIBHUS from the name of the eldest.

Through their assiduous performance of good works they obtained divinity , and became entitled to receive praise and adoration. THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO DWELL IN THE SOLAR SPHERE. There is an indistinct identification of them with the rays of the sun.

(We know that Hydrogen is converted into Helium every second and billions of hydrogen bombs explode every second in the Yellow type Star sun and we receive different types of rays, both harmful and helpful)

Helium is derived from Sanskrit word Suryan (H=S; L=R;M=N according to linguistic rules)

But I don’t know whether they meant the elements in sun.

Ribhus show us one more thing. Professor Wilson says, “They prove the admission, at an early date, of the doctrine, that men may become divinities”.

This is a typical ADVAITA concept found in Bhagavad Gita and Tamil Veda Tirukkural (50); Bhagavad Gita 4-10. Father Athanasius of Alexandria also said it. Egyptian port Alexandria had a very big Hindu colony. So Athanasius said God became man so that men could become Gods; he probably justified all the Avataras of Vishnu!



The Ribhus are said to have made Four sacrificial Cups out of single chalice. (Sanskrit word Kalasa becomes Chalice in English ;C=K; also Vedic word Samiti=committee; Vedic word Sankha=Conch)

Tvashtar made only one cup. Saying that the Ribhus made four out of one may signify some innovations made by them.

Ribhus are also attributed the manufacturing of Indra’s chariot and ‘horses’. If they have stopped saying they made chariots, then we may say they were great design engineers or just skilful carpenters; but the word they made ‘Horses’ may mean they built some space shuttles for Indra’s Inter Galactic Space Trips. Even today we use the word ‘Horse power’ for powerful engines, though no horse is used!


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