Gambling while Dying! (Post No.7646)


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Scrope Davies, the witty gambler and friend of Byron, was lying on his death bed. He had seriously taken leave of his physician who told him that he could not live beyond eight O clock next morning . Exerting the small strength left to him he called the doctor back. Doctor, he whispered, “I will bet you five guineas I live till nine”.


No Conundrum, Please!

A clergyman came to a man near to death and said,

Dear friend, do you know who died to save you?

O, meenister, meenister, said the dying man, is this a time for conundrums?


Beautiful Crucifix

Alonzo Cano , a Spanish artist, when a presented to him a crucifix badly executed , turned his eyes away and refused to look at it , but when one of good workmanship was brought to him, he devoutly embraced it and expired.


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Voice of War while Dying

When the chieftain Rob Rroy Mac Gregor was on his death bed, a gentleman whom he had reason to consider as an enemy came to see him. On being requested to admit the visitor to his bed side he said,

No enemy shall see Rob Roy in the posture of defeat, raise me up, put on my clothes, buckle in my arms, then admit him. He was obeyed: the guest was received with cold civility by the dying man, and in short time departed.

Now, said Rob Roy— now help me to bed, and call in the piper.

The piper appeared; Rob Roy shook hands with him, and desired him to play

“Cha tuile mi tuile adgh” and not to cease while he continued to breathe. He soon expired,with the voice of war pealing around him.

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